Bitcoins – How to Earn Free Bitcoins

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Are you looking for ways to Earn Free Bitcoins? You can purchase anything you want by using the Bitcoin in your wallet. You can become a billionaire by earning free bitcoin and saving them in your blockchain wallet and you can sell them for real money. There are different means you can use to get free bitcoins on the internet and I will be showing you how you can earn free bitcoin in your wallet.

Bitcoins - How to Earn Free Bitcoins

We will shortly take the steps in earning free bitcoins. However, it is also quite important that we carefully learn a little about Bitcoin. On this note, let’s talk about what Bitcoin means.

What is Bitcoins?

Bitcoin which is also a Cryptocurrency or a digital currency, is a type of money that is totally virtual. It is online money, you can use it to make purchases of products and services. Bitcoin is available for use in many country shops, malls, and markets. However, not every country and shop accepts this mode of transaction.

In addition, every bitcoin is a centrally digital or computer file that is stored in a digital wallet app on a mobile device or computer. They can exchange with a friend and you can also receive from friends. Transactions made on the lock chain account are recorded for future reference. There are three major ways you can get bitcoins:

  • You can create a Bitcoin with your computer.
  • Purchasing bitcoins with real cash.
  • Selling products and letting people pay you with bitcoins.

Bitcoins are really an easy means to earn cash online but need your total devotion and hard work to get to a high level of success.

How to create a Blockchain Wallet

I will show you how you can create a blockchain wallet account but first let’s look at what a blockchain wallet is. Blockchain wallet is an online app that permits people to save and transfer bitcoins as payment to anywhere in the world that uses bitcoin easily.

Moreover, it is a free kind of service that makes Bitcoin transactions easier with the Bitcoin client software.

Bitcoins Blockchain Wallet Creation

It is like your local accounts, where you get to create a savings account and save your cash. In the same way, you create a free Bitcoin account with the Blockchain wallet and save the Bitcoins. Creating a Blockchain account is very easy and will take just a few minutes of your time. Follow the guidelines below;

  • Open the blockchain
  • On the platform home page, hit on “Products” and then Wallet.
  • Hit on Create Your Wallet.
  • Fill in your Email address, Password and re-type the password to confirm.
  • Tick on the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and hit on “Continue”.

Going further, your Blockchain wallet accreditation will be successful. Hit on Get Started to reveal your account dashboard. Make sure to verify the email address you used for the blockchain wallet.

How do I Earn free Bitcoins?

Nothing in this life is free, but you can actually earn free Bitcoins. Here is how:

  • Firstly, you can earn bounties for hyping coins.
  • Holding a wallet that gets an Airdrop.
  • Investing and trading the coins.
  • Mining.
  • You can also earn by staking.
  • Referrals are also a good way to earn bitcoins.
  • Bug bounties can also help to earn bitcoins.
  • You can earn by working on Faucet sites.
  • Lastly, take online surveys.

These are some other means by which you can earn free bitcoins from the internet. You can go ahead to try any of these methods or even all of them and see how you will massively earn bitcoins even without trading your money in it.

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