Bumble Dating Site – Free Dating Site Online Without Payment | Bumble.com

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Are you an introvert or extrovert, or you are looking for single ladies and men to mingle with? Or you are looking for a life partner? Bumble dating site is one of its kind to help you with all these. Gone are the days we all visit a restaurant, club, or social places before getting to meet new people or associate with like minds. Most of us don’t have the guts to even approach a lady let alone woo her. This is why the bumble dating site was created to help in building a relationship and connect you to the world aside from your circles. Bumble dating site allows you to meet dates, make new friends and meet new people just by signing up on the platform and also you get to show the world your profession.

Bumble Dating Site - Free Dating Site Online Without Payment | Bumble.com

For us who has used or are familiar with Tinder, the bumble dating site has the same similarity. Millions of people who have accessed the site have given their testimony. On how it has changed their lives and how it has brought them to their partners. The bumble dating site is a free site, you ain’t paying a dime for anything. Although the bumble dating app has a premium package, this only enhances your exploration and gives you more amazing features of the platform. You can access the bumble dating site via the web or app using your Facebook account details. Or mobile number or Apple ID whichever you find convenient. Both have some amazing features.

Is the Bumble Free?

Just like you read above, the platform is free, no payment is made before or after signing up for the bumble account.

Is the Bumble Dating Site Safe?

For every site to be worthy of checking out, or worth ranked by people, it has to be safe, reliable, and confidential. And for the bumble dating site, has zero tolerance for any form of sexual abuse, harassment, and violence. So, you are safe using the bumble dating site. If you have been abused or harassed before, several organizations offer 24/7 support, so you are not alone.

What Age Group is the Bumble Dating for?

The bumble dating site policy simples state that you must be 18 years and above(18-35years  to be precise), so if you are not up to 18 years it’s illegal using the site. But not to worry if you are not up to 18years of age, you be happily welcomed to the hive once you are old enough.

Feature of Bumble Dating Site

Bumble dating has a series of amazing features both on the bumble web and the bumble app. Ever one you decide to use, you will still enjoy the same amazing and exclusive features. Using an advanced filter and uploading those beautiful photos of yours to video chat your matches and chat with them also. You can also get to see folks who swiped past you on the premium package. Also, by swiping left and right on the site you can see and view as many profiles you want to see.