Can I Get Life Insurance on My Boyfriend?

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If you and your boyfriend live together and he pays the rent, you can get him a life insurance policy if you feel the need to. Most insurance companies will allow you to purchase life insurance for your boyfriend if you demonstrate a deep interest in him. So, yes, you can get your boyfriend life insurance.

Can I Get Life Insurance on My Boyfriend?

While it is not harmful to get your boyfriend life insurance, it could become illegal if he is not aware of your decision or does not consent to it. Before you even purchase life insurance for your boyfriend, there are certain factors the insurance company will pay close attention to, such as the agreement of your boyfriend, the insurable ineptness, and the chances of defaulting.

If your insurance company is able to detect that this is a legal process and your boyfriend has a say in the decision, then you can purchase life insurance for your boyfriend.

What Should You Do If You’re Buying Life Insurance for Your Boyfriend?

There’s this assumption that you can still purchase life insurance for another individual if you have their name and personal information. Well, it goes beyond just making a phone call and requesting the person’s name and information. If you want to get life insurance for your boyfriend, ensure he is actively involved in the process.

The first thing you are expected to do is inform your boyfriend of your interest in getting him life insurance. If he gives you his permission, you both can work it out tighter. But if he does not consent to this, it is illegal to purchase life insurance for him. This can also be considered insurance fraud as the other party was not involved in the process.

In a situation where you both agree to get him life insurance, the next thing to do is to plan and decide on the type of policy you will be purchasing. Consider his needs and preferences. It is also important to factor in your budget; this will enable you to weigh down your options.

When you finally decide on the type of life insurance policy to opt for, consult an insurance provider and state your needs for the type of coverage you need.

How Can I Buy Life Insurance for My Boyfriend?

If your boyfriend gives you permission to get him life insurance, highlighted below are straightforward steps on how to buy him one:

  • Decide on the type of policy and reach out to your insurance provider. It is important to note that the type of policy chosen must align with the needs of your boyfriend.
  • Fill out the application form provided by your insurance provider. You may be allowed to sign on behalf of your boyfriend, but when it comes to signing, he has to be the one to sign.
  • The next step is to take a medical examination. Just like most insurance policies, you will be required to take a medical examination that confirms your insurability. Note that any critical illness resulting from the medical examination can disqualify you or inevitably place a rider on your policy.
  • Once you’re done with the medical examination, get the signature of your boyfriend. Most insurance companies will ask for the signature of your boyfriend in order to complete the application. This also ascertains that it has been done in a legal way.
  • Pay the premium to ensure your policy is active. Once you have made payments to your insurance provider, you can proceed to enjoy the numerous benefits that come with having life insurance.

You can also review the terms and conditions specified by your insurance provider. This will enable you to understand what your policy covers and what it does not.


Is it possible for me to get life insurance for my boyfriend without his knowledge?

The straight answer to this question is No. If you wish to get life insurance for your beau, he has to be aware and give consent. If he doesn’t, it is considered illegal. Not just your boyfriend alone; purchasing life insurance on anyone without their knowledge is not appropriate.

In most cases, you will not even be allowed to obtain life insurance for your boyfriend if you don’t provide the necessary information. Plus, the process of purchasing life insurance includes the signature of the person and a medical examination. So, without your boyfriend’s attendance and signature, the life insurance will most definitely not be approved.

Can unmarried couples get life insurance?

Of course, unmarried couples are allowed to get life insurance, provided they share a mutual goal and both agree to it. Based on the agreement, you and your partner can decide to purchase any type of policy you seek.

Can I buy life insurance for my baby?

Sure, you can. The only thing is that, although you may not be able to buy life insurance for financial loss, you can purchase a life insurance policy for your baby to protect his or her future insurability.