Choosing a Financial Advisor – How To Choose the Best Financial Advisor

What is choosing the best financial advisor? Who are financial advisors? Many of you might be wondering what the work of a financial advisor is. Well, financial advisors are professionals that help you make decisions when it comes to spending your money. They are there to help you make decisions about what you should do with your money. For instance, when you visit a financial advisor for help, he/she will advise you to invest or save up your money instead of just spending unnecessarily. However, they are knowledgeable people who help in constricting personalized financial plans for their clients and they aim to achieve the financial goals of clients despite the situation.

Choosing a Financial Advisor - How To Choose the Best Financial Advisor
Choosing a Financial Advisor – How To Choose the Best Financial Advisor

When choosing a financial advisor, you must be very careful and observant. But aside from that, financial advisors are very useful because they help you plan on making investments, savings, budget, insurance, and tax strategies. They go out of their way to check in with their clients regularly to ensure their financial wellbeing. The importance of finding a good financial advisor is to help you avoid costs so that you can focus more on your goals. Most people think that financial advisors are for rich people but they are not just for rich people. Even the poor need someone to keep them on track in their finances.

How much does a financial advisor cost

Choosing a financial advisor means you will have to pay them because they are certainly not going to do it for free. However, most financial advisors charge based on how much money they manage for you. Remember that one of their duties is to manage your money and ensure you save when necessary. Their fee ranges from 0.25% to 1% per year.

Types of financial Advisors

You have to know the types of a financial advisors when choosing a financial advisor. Let’s take a look at the types of financial advisors we have.

Robo advisors:

Robo advisors are digital service that offers simple and low-cost investment management. For instance, you answer questions online then the computer algorithms build up an investment portfolio that matches your goals and risk tolerance.

Online financial advisors:

This is a financial planning service that allows you to speak with a team of financial advisors when you have questions concerning your finances. This type of financial advisor is best when you need a good financial planner at a lower cost.

Traditional financial advisors:

They are usually experts assigned to meet your financial needs but they are usually expensive. So, if you want specialized services and you want to meet your financial advisor in person this is the best for you.

The major responsibility of these financial advisors is to help you manage your money and reach your financial goals. They provide a range of financial planning services for their customer from investment management to budgeting guidance and estate planning.

How much money should I have to hire a financial advisor?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions for people who are in dire need of a financial advisor. However, there are thousands of financial advisors out there who demand specific amounts of money as a minimum. But a client must have at least $100,000 in investable assets for them to get their services. If you are worth $100,000 then hiring a financial advisor is a good choice. This way professionals can help you plan for your future which is the best way to grow your money even after you stop working or you are retired from your place of work.

How to Find a Good Financial Advisor

To find the best financial advisor for your finances just follows these steps below.

  • Find out if you really need a financial advisor.
  • Consider what type of professional you want to work it.
  • Then you need to identify a list of potential advisors.
  • Check them out before making your final selection.
  • Ask people you know for recommendations you can ask your friends, colleagues and family.
  • If they recommend someone to you, ask them questions about the person.
  • Ask them what kind of services the advisor provides and what they chose that person.

And finally, you must find out how they get paid, by doing this you are getting to understand their expense structure as it can affect how they give advice.

Best financial advisor firms

These firms have been ranked according to their effectiveness and competence. So, let’s take a look at these firms.

  • Merrill.
  • UBS.
  • Morgan Stanley.
  • Charles Schwab Corporation.
  • Edward Jones Investments.
  • Fidelity Investments.
  • Ameriprise Financial.
  • Raymond James.
  • CliftonLarsAllen
  • EP Wealth Advisors.
  • Stifel.
  • Wells Fargo Advisors.

Now that you know the best financial advisor firms you can ask for their service. They will ensure your finances is in check and help you invest your money.

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