Clerical Jobs in the United States with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a migrant searching for clerical jobs in the USA? then you are in luck because in this blog post I will enlighten you about clerical jobs in America that offer visa sponsorship available for migrants. In the States migrants who work a front desk job earn about $17 per hour and multiple companies offer the post of clerks and other front desk jobs so migrant who dreams of living and working in the USA can apply now and get sponsored to the United States.

In addition, most firms are looking to recruit migrants who are qualified to work clerical jobs and offer to sponsor all fees regarding their travel to the United States.

However, it can be quite difficult to obtain a clerical job in the United States as a foreigner but once you have prepared all the documents required and you are eligible, you can go ahead and apply for one. The job should offer you an attractive salary which can be used to even sponsor your spouse to the United States.

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What are Clerical Works?

Clerical works are daily office task that includes answering phone calls, sending tasks, filing documents, and so on. Firms from different industries have the same duties tasked to clerical work and they are performed by receptionists, office clerks, administrative assistants, and secretaries.

In addition, clerical staff must have basic computer knowledge and know-how to work the printer, copiers, and other equipment to perform the clerical duties.

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Duties of a Clerical Work

  • Answering phone calls
  • Sorting and filing documents
  • Schedule business trips and appointments
  • Photocopying documents
  • Keeping records of important reports
  • Reply emails
  • Handling office equipment such as printers, voicemail systems, and scanners
  •  Reimburse utility bills
  • Communicating with investors, colleagues, and customers
  • Operating the computer

These are the duties tasked to clerical staff.

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Clerical Jobs in the USA

There are multiple clerical works that migrants can apply for in the US. several firms across different industries need the aid of clerical staff for the smooth running of the organization and most are looking to recruit foreigners to work clerical jobs. Migrants can apply for any of the jobs and get sponsored in the US.

  • File clerk
  • Clerical specialist
  • Office assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Desk clerk
  • Mailroom clerk
  • Office supervisor
  • 0ffice manager

And many more. once you have been qualified enough to work in any of these job posts you can go ahead and find a company that offers a clerical job with visa sponsorship. if you aren’t satisfied with this list, you can make use of job search websites like Monster, indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and Google for Jobs to search for clerical jobs.

Clerical Jobs in the United States with Visa Sponsorship

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Requirements for Clerical Jobs in the USA

To work a clerical job there are some basic requirements you must have so that you can perform the duties with efficiency and diligence. Here are some of the requirements:

  • Foreigners must have a good listening skill
  •  Must be able to multitask
  • An excellent time management skill
  • The foreigner must have a basic computer knowledge
  • An outstanding problem-solving skill
  • You must be able to send and receive email effectively
  • Also, you must be able to schedule appointments and business trips
  • You must have a clear-cut analytic skill

In other words, foreigners must be qualified enough to apply for this job post. However, the company you are applying for may demand more.

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Top Paying Cities in the USA for Clerical Jobs

In the USA, certain cities pay their clerical staff a little above the average pay. Foreigners can apply to any company located in this state for salary advancement and sponsorship into the US.

CityAnnual salaryMonthly payWeekly payHourly wage
Maple Grove, Minnesota$38,737$3,288$745$18.62
Sunnyvale, California$38,819$3,235$747$18.66
Alexandria, Virginia$39,153$3,263$753$18.82
Jackson, Washington state$39,232$3,269$754$18.86
Oakland, California$39,381$3,282$757$18.93
San Jose, California$39,771$3,314$765$19.12
Marysville, Washington state$40,508$3,376$779$19.47
Fremont, California$41,084$3,424$790$19.75
San Francisco, California$42,107$3,509$810$20.24
Santa Clara, California$43,509$3,626$837$20.92

How Much do Clerical Staff Make in the USA?

In the United States, clerical staffs earn $16.96 hourly which sums up to an average of $35,281 annually. however, some clerical jobs earn higher than others some of them include federal clerical, real estate clerical, kaiser clerical, and more.

Clerical jobAnnual salaryMonthly payWeekly payHourly pay
Federal clerical$63,865$5,322$1,228$30.70
Real estate$70,001$5,833$1,346$33.65
Kaiser Clerical$78,898$6,575$1,517$37.93