Clerical Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

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Are you looking for a job that enables you to earn as much as $9,000 per hour? Do you have the qualifications to do Clerical Jobs in USA? If yes, then this article is for you. It is no news that finding a job in the united states is quite difficult. But now, you can find as many Clerical Jobs in USA with visa sponsorship as you want. With the help of the internet. Moreover, there are even a lot of job posting sites where you can explore as many clerical jobs as possible in the US. Read further to know more.

What is a Clerical Job? Clerical Jobs in USA are known as the series of both an office and an admin support duty. The job involves having a day-to-day office task. Which include answering office calls, transferring data into spreadsheets, recording important information, making appointments, typing, doing word processing and so much more. These tasks are given to clerical workers. And can also be performed by office clerks, secretaries, and also the company’s admin officers.

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Top Clerical Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

A lot of foreigners prefer to visit the United States to work as the country happens to be attractive and have a lot of high-paying jobs. However, Clerical Jobs in USA happens to be one of the jobs you can do in the United States and be paid well. And there are so many jobs under this aspect that offers visa sponsorship and is available for you. Some of these jobs include;

  • Receptionists
  • Office Assistants
  • Administrative Assitant
  • Assistant Front Office Manager
  • Front Desk Receptionist
  • Camp secretary
  • House Attendant
  • Social media managers
  • Visa specialist
  • Admin assistants
  • Receiving Clerks
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Admin Assistant III
  • Compliance Officers.

The above-listed jobs are a few of the Clerical Jobs in USA you can apply for in the US with visa sponsorship. There are still a lot more jobs that you can find and apply for under the clerical jobs aspect. And you can find these jobs at any job posting site of your choice. Sites like, Fiverr, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, and many more.

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Clerical Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

Their Salary

Just like other types of jobs and occupations, the salary differs and also depends on your employer and how experienced you are at the job. And also the type of job you have applied for. But generally, the average salary for a clerical worker is about $16.28 per hour. While the salary for a clerk per hour is about $15.26.

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Corporations Offering Clerical Jobs in the USA Alongside Visa Sponsorship

There are several businesses and corporations in the United States offering clerical jobs with Visa sponsorships. And knowing these corporations isn’t a bad idea. These companies offer these jobs to help people interested in clerical jobs get jobs. And also to attract more foreign staffs. Here are some of the companies that offer clerical jobs with visa sponsorship below;

  • Ready Responders
  • Cornell University
  • Allegiant Airlines
  • Maryland Department of Transportation
  • Cultural Vistas
  • Louis Perry and Associates
  • YunExperss
  • CDM Smith
  • NUPrube
  • Williams Sonoma
  • 4 seasons
  • Fusionlife solutions

And many more. These are just some mentioned. Discover more companies by exploring the internet in your search for a good-paying clerical job with visa sponsorship to apply. Or you can pick from the above-listed companies, get a job, and migrate to the USA to work as a cleric worker.

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Highest Paying Cities in the US for Clerical Jobs

To earn a very high salary as a clerical worker. Certain cities are in the USA where you can go find a clerical job. In these cities, they pay higher than the normal pay you get working in other cities. Some cities and their workers’ average pay per hour include;

  • Chicago IL –  $17.88
  • Brooklyn NY –$16.72
  • Charlotte NC –$16.50
  • Fort Worth, TX –$16.23
  • Baton Rouge, LA –$14.53
  • Memphis, TN –$13.88
  • Broxyn NY –$13.99
  • Baton Rouge LA –$14.53
  • Tampa FL –$14.68

Here are some of the cities in the United States that pay their clerical workers a high salary. Compared to the normal average salary of about $16 per hour. However, you should also note that before you can apply for the job, there are certain skills you should have. And some of these skills include; Computer skills, Good Communication skills, Good EnglishClerical experience, and Medical office experience. Other skills required of you would be made known to you by your employer or the company you are applying to.