CNN Twitter – How to Follow CNN on Twitter | Get Latest News on Twitter

CNN Twitter is known as CNN’s page on Twitter whereby you can visit to know the latest and even get more information on your newsfeed simply by following CNN on Twitter. However, due to some reason, Twitter isn’t available in some locations. Therefore, if you are finding it difficult to access Twitter to check out news uploaded by CNN, you can then visit to get the updates online. But for those whose Twitter is accessible in their region, to follow CNN Twitter, you should first sign up for an account on Twitter which is very necessary. After which, you can now follow the steps that would be listed for you below to follow the CNN page.

Twitter is a social media platform where we visit to know about happenings around the world. Also, on Twitter you get tweet posts, follow celebrities, and lots more. But do you know that still on Twitter, you can get news and updates from a famous multinational news broadcasting nation known as CNN? CNN is a multinational news-based pay television channel which is headquartered in Atlanta, United States. CNN allows you to view the latest news and breaking news for the United States, world, entertainment, politics, and also weather forecast simply by visiting its website @ But Twitter is another way you can get all these updates from CNN without necessarily visiting the website.

How To Get News Updated From CNN Twitter

As mentioned earlier, to get CNN news updates on Twitter, you have to either visit its page to see them or follow for news and updates to be brought to your feed. But there’s a step you must take first to visit or follow CNN on Twitter. The First step is processing sign-up or signs in. After you must have done that, you can now follow these steps listed below to get news from their page;

  • Open your twitter account
  • Using the search engine locate CNN’s twitter page
  • Scroll to read news or tap on the follow button to follow CNN.

If you are a mobile device user or a desktop device user. The steps are still the same and are applicable on both platforms. However, if following CNN, their posts would appear on your news feed. But if not, you have to keep visiting to view the latest posts. Therefore, follow to get more of their updates on your Twitter news feed. Then you can now decide to retweet their posts, like, or comment. Keep in mind that the news platform is dedicated to exploring and bringing news stories to you.

Other Social Media Platform Whereby Cnn News Updates Is Available

If you appear to be in that region finding it difficult to access Twitter to view CNN news is possible. Therefore, don’t lose hope as the CNN website is still available for you to explore and get news from all areas. Also, there are still other social media platforms you can visit to access get free access to CNN news. As CNN has a very huge social presence backed up by a very large team. These social media platforms include;

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

You can visit any of these two aside from Twitter to keep up with CNN. With it, you will get more updates on the latest. Follow their page for free and get to know the latest. Note that on the above-mentioned social media it is impossible to follow CNN without first signing up for an account. But be rest assured that following is totally free. Therefore, process the sign up to have access to checking out the CNN page on the platform and following them.

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