Concordia Presidential Scholarship for International Students

On the contrary, for students that have been looking for an opportunity to study in one of the best universities in Canada. Here is an opportunity for y’all. In this article, we will be talking about how to apply for the Concordia University scholarship, in Canada. However, the Concordia Presidential is gladly informing students home abroad of its presidential scholarship for inspired ad knowledgeable foreign applicants in Canada. Meanwhile, studying at this University will be very interesting. This is because the University supports undergraduate students who choose to begin their studies in an amazing way of study.

Concordia Presidential Scholarship for International Students

Furthermore, Concordia University stands out to be a federal encyclopedic research University located in Canada. It was established in the year 1974. Part of the reason why studying at this University will be so interesting is that this University makes sure its students from diverse countries have access to higher education services by letting them have access to many opportunities. Meanwhile, part of the interesting part of this Concordia Presidential Scholarship is that it welcomes qualified students everywhere in the world and across the globe to explore, learn, and create new ideas and abilities. Also, this amazing University that let students chase their future gives students an award. Nonetheless, this award provides students with a wonderful career path, leadership in society, and motivation to improve the world.

However, the value of the Concordia Presidential Scholarship award is tuition expenses, books, and cost of living. Nevertheless, the maximum number of awards that can be given to a student is only 2. Meanwhile, do you want the things required for the application? Read the next paragraph and you will know all the things you need to know about the requirements.

Concordia Presidential Scholarship Eligibilities

However, this Trent University International Scholarship has some requirements applicants must meet before they can apply for it. Without wasting much time, below are the requirements needed to apply for the University of Trent, Canada:

  • Applications can come from any countries
  • Undergraduate degree coursework in all courses offered in the university.
  • Applicants must meet the given criteria
  • Applicants must be attending University for the first time
  • Candidates must be entering full-time in an undergraduate degree program
  • Paying Full international students’ rates

Then the last part of the requirement is that applicants will be commencing studies at Concordia before the end of the year.

Application Process

  • However, the application process must be completed online for admission. Also, it must be uploaded to the Concordia University student portal. Nevertheless, applicants need to complete the nomination form too. If not, then the Concordia University scholarship application hasn’t been successfully filled. 
  • However, in the application process, candidates must submit a CV that states all your work, volunteer experience, awards, and cultural and other achievements you’ve earned.
  • Also, while filling up the form online, there should be a personal statement showing your level of community leadership and engagement in improving the university community. Not only that but also explains what the opportunity of Concordia University scholarship will aid in the pursuit of their studies and the achievement of their personal and academic ambitions.
  • Applicants must provide good academic skills. In other words, they must have at least a minimum GPA of 2.00. Anything below that can disqualify the application.

Lastly, the preferred and compulsory language applicants must know how to speak the English language. If not, then the application can’t be completed.

Concordia University scholarship Revive

However, with the way things are in this Concordia University scholarship, it will help all international undergraduate students who have amazing academic intelligence, community guidance, and motivation to improve the universal community. Meanwhile, applicants should note that the institution will cover tuition fees, books, and cost of living. This is based on Concordia’s residency rate.

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