Condo Insurance: What It Is And What It Covers

For property owners who want to safeguard their assets, it is important to have a homeowners insurance policy. The same goes for those who own a condo or condominium as well. Although condo insurance is different from a common homeowners insurance policy, it is still a valuable thing to have, especially if you have a single-family home. For details on how to get the right coverage and where to find the best quote, keep reading this guide to find more useful information.

Condo Insurance: What It Is And What It Covers

What is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance, also known as HO-6 insurance, is a type of insurance policy designed specifically for condominium owners. It provides coverage for the individual unit and personal property within it.

In other words, if you reside individually in a shared apartment or space, it is best to get a policy. This insurance policy is a mix of coverage types to safeguard your property and investment in your condo in case something happens. For example, accidental injuries, fire, theft, extra living expenses, and theft.

In addition to this, HO-6 insurance offers coverage for problems that are not covered by an HOA master policy. Hence, if there are potential disasters or your property gets destroyed or stolen, you can rely on HO-6 insurance because you will receive the right coverage.

Thus, you can say condo insurance is meant to cover what your condo association master policy won’t. However, if you are interested in a policy, it is advisable to get one from an experienced insurance agent.

How Does It Work?

The purpose of HO-6 insurance is to protect and safeguard your personal belongings as well as the interior of your home from unexpected situations that could pose damage to them, like burglary, windstorms, snowstorms, fires, lightning, and vandalism.

Although there are similarities between condo insurance and a typical homeowners insurance policy, it offers feeble construction coverage since your entire building’s structure is covered by your HOA master policy.

Thus, if you are not satisfied with the coverage that your HOA master policy offers, you can choose to get condo insurance. Besides, various homeowners insurance companies offer this type of insurance. So, you can shop around for a quote from some of the best homeowners insurance providers online or through an insurance agent.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Here is what a condo homeowners insurance policy will cover:

  • Personal property coverage.
  • Loss of use.
  • Liability coverage.
  • Dwelling coverage.

Optional condo insurance coverage includes:

  • Water backup.
  • Loss assessment coverage.
  • Building code coverage.
  • Scheduled personal property.
  • Replacement cost coverage.
  • Identity theft coverage.

Problems covered by HO-6 insurance:

  • Volcanic eruption.
  • Accidental discharge.
  • Falling objects.
  • Weight of sleet, ice, and snow.
  • Aircraft damages.

Thus, if you have a HO-6 insurance quote, these are the situations you will be getting coverage for.

What Does It Not Cover?

Here are some of the common exclusions in a typical HO-6 insurance policy:

  • Water damages.
  • Governmental action.
  • Volcanic eruption.
  • Repair, demolish, or renovate your property as requested by the government.
  • Earth movements.
  • Land shock waves.
  • Intentional loss.
  • Nuclear hazard.
  • Power failure.

Therefore, you will not be getting coverage from your insurance company if you find yourself in any of these situations.

How Much Does Condo Insurance Cost?

The average cost of purchasing condo insurance is between $30 and $100 per month. But this is not the fixed price. On the contrary, insurance companies in any area have different prices for getting a policy from them, and HO-6 insurance is not an exception. Nevertheless, it is important to note the factors that affect the price of getting a policy. They are:

  • Policy customization.
  • Building age.
  • Claims history.

The insurance company with which you wish to buy a policy also affects the cost of getting one.

How to Get a Condo Insurance Policy

Although various procedures need to be conducted while applying for or shopping for a condo insurance policy, it is not too difficult. Besides, with help from this section, you will be able to find a good HO-6 insurance quote. What’s more, you can get a quote from an insurance agent or online. Thus, here is how to get a HO-6 insurance policy:

  • Find out how much coverage you need.
  • Compare condo insurance policies.
  • Get discounts.
  • Get in touch with the company and start the application process.

However, keep in mind that the method or mode of contacting the insurance company differs, as does the application process.


Do I need condo insurance if my condo association has a master insurance policy?

Yes, you still need condo insurance, even if your condo association has a master insurance policy. The master policy usually covers the building structure and common areas, but it may not provide sufficient coverage for your personal belongings or liability.

How much HO-6 insurance do I need?

The amount of HO-6 insurance you need depends on factors such as the value of your personal property, the cost of rebuilding your unit, and your liability risks. It’s important to assess your individual needs and work with an insurance agent to determine the appropriate coverage levels.

What is loss assessment coverage?

Loss assessment coverage is an optional coverage that can help protect you against certain assessments imposed by the condo association for losses that exceed the master policy’s coverage. This can include repairs to common areas or liability claims against the association.

Are there any exclusions in condo insurance policies?

Like any insurance policy, condo insurance may have certain exclusions, such as flood damage or earthquakes. It’s important to review your policy carefully and consider purchasing additional coverage or riders for specific risks not covered by the standard policy.

How can I save money on condo insurance?

You can potentially save money on HO-6 insurance by bundling it with other insurance policies, such as auto insurance, by installing safety features in your condo, or by opting for a higher deductible. Additionally, shopping around and comparing quotes from multiple insurers can help you find the best rate.

What should I do if I need to file a claim?

If you need to file a claim, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to report the loss. Be prepared to provide documentation and evidence to support your claim, such as photos of the damage or receipts for damaged items. Your insurance agent can guide you through the claims process and help you understand what to expect.

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