Does Renters Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

It is no longer news that animal-related accidents are part of the common occurrences we experience globally, especially accidents caused by pets in the home. You’re probably wondering if renters insurance covers pet damage. You are not alone. Quite a number of people seek answers to this question; stumbling on this piece of writing means you’re one of them.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

Generally, renters insurance is designed to cover injuries or property damage that occur in your rental property. It provides coverage for damage your pet has caused to another person. However, renters insurance typically does not cover any damage caused by your pet to any of your property.

Learn more about this insurance policy by reading to the end of this article, as we will be providing detailed information on whether renters insurance covers pet damage or not.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

While renters insurance covers damage caused by your pet to others’s property and belongings, it does not cover damages your to your property. You are liable to pay for those expenses out of your pocket.

Let’s say, for instance, that your dog or cat tears up your carpet or causes damage to your dining room chairs. Your policy will not help to cover the repair costs simply because most renters insurance only covers the cost of damage your pet did to others and not to your personal belongings.

Pet owners, who are in search of the best renters insurance, should endeavor to include pet liability in their coverage, as this would be able to offer some specific type of coverage for pet damage, like covering expenses related to medical bills, property damage, and legal issues if you’re being sued.

What Does Rental Insurance Cover?

Typically, renters insurance offers protection for your properties and other valuable assets. It covers damages or injuries. Beyond these benefits, renters insurance also assists with living costs for policyholders who can’t keep staying in their rental due to a covered rent. In addition, renters insurance offers coverage for the following:

Property damage

If a fire causes damage or loss to your furniture or any other valuable possession, your rental insurance will be able to protect you by offering compensation that covers the cost of the damage caused.

Typically, renters insurance offers financial protection in case there is damage to any of the possessions in the home. It is important to note that this type of insurance does not cover damages caused by your pet; any damage caused by your pet will have to be fixed from your pocket.

Personal liability

This is also one of the coverages under renters insurance policy. It protects you from liability for injuries that were caused by you or anyone else living in the house you insured. It is important to check the extent of the cost covered for liability under your renters insurance in order to be sure that you’re sufficiently covered.

Additional living expenses

Apart from the aforementioned coverage, renters insurance is also capable of paying for any cost incurred in a situation where a policyholder is being displaced from the rental property due to fire, flood, or other type of damage covered under this policy. For instance, if a pipe burst in your building and it resulted in flooding, renters insurance could pay for your accommodation, food, and any other related costs.

When Does Renters Insurance Cover Pets?

If you have personal liability coverage under a renters insurance policy, it can provide coverage to an extent as specified in the insurance policy. Renters insurance can cover your pet when:

  • It causes injuries to someone, and there’s a medical cost attached.
  • You’re being sued; it would cover the legal fees.
  • There are repair expenses for property damage caused by your pet.

Types of Pets Excluded From Renters Insurance Policy

Quite a number of insurance companies limit or totally exclude liability coverage for certain breeds of dogs simply because of the perceived risk associated with their behavior. There are specific dogs that are banned from receiving coverage under renters insurance. This is because of the aggressive nature they exhibit; hence, it is difficult and riskier to insure them under this coverage.

Although the requirements for each insurance company differ, where certain breeds of dogs are more stigmatized than others, renters insurance will still highlight the breed of dogs specifically excluded from liability coverage.

Under the renters insurance policy, there are certain dog breeds that are considered ineligible for coverage. They include the following:

  • Akitas
  • Alaskan malamutes.
  • Chows
  • Doberman pinschers.
  • German shepherds.
  • Great Danes.
  • Pit bulls.
  • Presa canaries.
  • Rottweillers
  • Siberian huskies.
  • Staffordshire terriers.
  • Wolf hybrids.

If your dog falls into any of the breeds of dogs mentioned above, renters insurance will not cover any damage caused by them.

You may also be wondering if renters insurance is capable of covering exotic pets. You are not alone. Renters insurance will not provide coverage for exotic pets, such as

  • Alligators,
  • Crocodiles
  • Caimans
  • Bears
  • Foxes
  • Jackals
  • Primates
  • Venomous snakes.
  • Wolves
  • Rabbits
  • Birds
  • Turtles


When is my pet covered under renters insurance?

Typically, renters insurance covers the liability portion of the policy, which offers coverage for injuries and other damages caused by your pet to others. It does not cover damages caused to the pet itself.

Also, if the breed of your pet is among the animal liability exclusions attached to your policy, renters insurance will not provide coverage for your pet. Check the eligibility requirements for renters insurance in order to get a better understanding of what it covers and the endorsement that limits coverage for dogs. You could also reach out to your insurance provider to further explain the type and extent of coverage under your policy.

How Do I Add a Pet to My Renters Insurance Policy?

To add a pet to your policy, all you have to do is contact your insurance company or agent and request that your pet be added to your renters insurance policy. Follow all the procedures specified by the provider. You may be asked to state the breed of your pet, the type of coverage you want, and any other related information.

You can also add pets to your renters insurance policy using your insurance company’s website, rather than going there physically.

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