Dropbox App – Download Dropbox App for Android & iPhone

Do you want to upload your files and share them with anyone and then don’t know where to do so? There is certainly a cloud storage app that allows you to upload files and share them with friends or colleagues. The most respected, well-known, and reliable storage app is Dropbox. In the meantime, the Dropbox app helps you share your files with anyone you want at your own convenience, anytime. You can back up and sync documents and other of your important files on any other device wherever you are. It also enables you to share your documents in any size with anyone you want regardless of who they are and where they are.

Dropbox App - Download Dropbox App for Android & iPhone

However, on Dropbox, you can sign up for free and also have a free trial. The Dropbox app provides you with 2000 GB of space for storage which is more than enough to save your files and document. However, before you can access the app, you have to go through the downloading process. This Dropbox app requires payment, so therefore you will see the plan price. Click on the one you want to subscribe for and when your app is due you can turn it off 24 hours to the renewal time if you don’t want to auto-renew.

Features of Dropbox App

Dropbox app has so many features, although not all will be listed in this article. The features are important based on the fact that it allows easy access to make use of the platform to store important files or documents. The app enables you to do so many things like;

  • You can save videos and photos automatically from your camera roll.
  • Sending large files can be done to anyone by copying and pasting its link.
  • Files can be sent to anyone even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
  • Offline access to your files is allowed and over 100 different files can be previewed without any special software.

In terms of the free trial, you can access certain eigiblity features, but for the paid-plan, you can enjoy unlimited feature. Another important feature is that the app is being updated regularly so finding something new is guaranteed.

How to Download the Dropbox App

You can download Dropbox app on any device you feel comfortable to use it on. However, the app is available on any store you would like to use either the Google play store or Apple store depending on your device. Dropbox on iPhone can be gotten from the apple store while Dropbox android can be gotten from Google play store. Steps you can follow to download successfully are;

  • Firstly, open your device app store.
  • Using the app store search engine search for Dropbox app.
  • Then click on the app.
  • Locate and click on the install button which is directly below the app.
  • After that, you can wait for it to download and install.

Following the above-listed steps, you have successfully installed the app on your device. Therefore, you can locate it on your device anytime you want to use it. Furthermore, to access the app, it requires registration which is only done once except you want to sign up for another. Keep in mind, if you want the Dropbox APK file, you can visit any APK store to download it.

Dropbox App Sign up

To sign up for Dropbox, there are some of your personal information that you would provide. Therefore, if you don’t have that necessary information, you won’t be able to sign up for an account. However, there are some steps you can take or follow to sign up. These steps are;

  1. Open your Dropbox app.
  2. Then click on the sign-up button.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where you will see some blank spaces that need to be filled.
  4. Fill in your necessary information into those spaces. That information includes; your first and last name, email address, and password.
  5. After that, click on the I agree on the box.
  6. Click on the create account button to proceed.
  7. You can save your password to Google for next time easy access on that device.
  8. Click on the Upgrade for free for 30 days button.
  9. Then add your bank account details to proceed.
  10. After adding then click save.

However, note that the upgrade for free for 30 days would only last for the 30 days. After that payment would be made for upgrading. That is why your bank account details is being required of you. In addition, upgrading is not expensive, so there is nothing to worry about using the app.

Dropbox app sign in

Sign in on Dropbox mobile app today on any device of your choice, be it apple product or android. However, there are some simple steps you can follow to Sign in on drop box mobile app. These steps are.

  1. Open your Dropbox app
  2. On the home page, click on the sign in button
  3. If you are using an Apple device, click on the Sign in with apple button
  4. Or if you are using an android click on the Sign in with Google button
  5. Then choose the email address you used to create a dropbox account if you have multiple Gmail accounts on your device.
  6. Wait for it to load.
  7. Allow Dropbox to access your Google account by clicking on the allow button.
  8. Then you can insert your dropbox password.
  9. After that, you can click on the sign in button to proceed.
  10. To back up all your files, you can click on the back of all photos or select manually.

After following the steps above, you have followed the sign in steps, you can now use dropbox for any task you want to perform. In summary, you can enjoy the Dropbox app, anywhere, anytime at your own convenience when you want to access your file.

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