Duolingo Plus – How Much is Duolingo Plus

What is Duolingo Plus or how can I get started with Plus? In the article, you can learn the simple procedure to getting started with Duolingo Plus. In the meantime, if you’re looking for an app that allows the free study of different languages. Duolingo serves as the No 1 choice for language learning app and website that offers you free learning tools to learn different languages at your own convenient time. But for more excitement in learning and access to unlimited features, the Plus is the right option to subscribe for.

Duolingo Plus - How Much is Duolingo Plus

According to reports, Duolingo is the first free language-learning app to compete with other expensive subscription platforms. One of the tools offers is a self-study exercise that helps in building your experience in learning and understanding different languages. Duolingo is a free learning app, but later introduce the Duolingo Plus which is the premium. That offers you additional tools for your experience on the platform. There are amazing benefits included in the Duolingo Plus plan for you to enjoy.

Benefits of Duolingo Plus

In case you’re wondering what is Duolingo+, the Duolingo Plus is the premium plan that comes with amazing features for better learning. With Plus, here are the following you can get to enjoy for on your subscription plan:

  • Access to unlimited learning with no interruption.
  • It offers you unlimited hearts.
  • The feature “Mistakes Review” allows you to go to your previous lesson to amend your mistake.
  • It you enjoy unlimited skill test outs.

There are also other amazing benefits you can also access as a Duolingo plus subscriber. Just like I stated earlier, the main purpose of Duolingo is to provide millions of people from around the world. With free education in learning dozen of languages.

How to Subscribe for Duolingo+ | Duolingo Pricing

You can use any device to subscribe to Duolingo Plus either iOS or Android devices. In other words, subscribing to the Plus is easily done on the app either the Android devices or iOS devices. Use the following step to subscribe to Plus:

  • Open the Duolingo app on your devices.
  • Click the Shop icon to subscribe to the services.
  • Then, select ‘Try/Get Plus’ at the top of the page on the Duolingo+ banner.

In addition, you can follow the online instruction displayed on the screen to complete the registration of the Duolingo+. However, $12.99/month is the cost of subscribing to the plan in case you’re wondering how much does Duolingo Plus cost.

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