Equipment Needed For Podcast

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What equipment is needed for the podcast? If you are interested in starting your own podcast, this is another section that will be useful. Equipment is part of what improves the quality of your podcast. Furthermore, you can’t really create a podcast without equipment. So, if you are interested in creating your own podcast, then here are the lists of equipment that you will need.

Equipment Needed For Podcast

Equipment For Podcast

In as much as you may not be able to get them all at once, especially if you are a student and just trying to start the journey. It is, however, ideal that you get the basic necessary equipment needed to create a classic podcast. One of the advantages of human resources is that they bring out the best in you, so if you have someone who is very good with editing software, you may not need to get much equipment. Going further, if you have an interest in knowing and creating content online with podcasts, here is some equipment that you need for the podcast.

Computer Is Needed For Podcast

One of the most important pieces of equipment you must have is your computer. This is where you will be getting most of the job done, from audio editing to exporting and more. Also, if you are just starting up, you will need a large-capacity device to store your project and access them offline. If you don’t have a computer, you will need to consider getting a smartphone with a large storage capacity.

Microphone Is Needed For Podcast

If you are going to need something to capture the things you say, then it is mandatory for you to get microphones. You don’t want to use the inbuilt in your computer, camera, or phone. You can get stronger ones like USB microphones, XLR microphones, and many more. a simple alternative to getting a standard podcast mic or any USB cord mic is getting a good quality earphone with a mouthpiece. Although the experience will not be dame, if you manage it well, no one will find out.

Mic Stands

To get more stable and clearer work done with your microphones, you obviously cannot use your hands to hold the microphones. That is why you need to get mic stands to help. This helps you position the mic erect or bend it however way you want. You can purchase tabletop mics or bendable desktop boom arms. So, a mic stand is one of the pieces of equipment needed for a podcast.

Pop Filter

Another great piece of equipment on the list to get is the pop filter which helps capture vocals. What this does is that it minimizes excessive blasts of air and more. You can check out various pop filters that you can purchase.

Shock Mount

While recording your podcast, there could be various sounds that could happen that aren’t really part of the podcast.  This could be you repositioning your microphone, making slights noises with your hands, or more. Moreover, microphones are actually super sensitive to vibrations that are super. A shock mount now comes in handy because it absorbs those vibrations, preventing them from creeping into the audio.


If you want to hear a preview of how you sound, a headphone comes in handy right about now. You will always see most podcasters wearing their headphones whilst recording. It is very useful in checking out the quality of your voice and seeing what else is wrong while recording.

Audio Interface

This equipment is actually more frequent in the recording studio. This equipment is what converts the audio signals from the microphone into digital. You will receive the digitals on your computer for editing, mixing, and then uploading. However, this is equipment that you can skip as a total beginner.

Podcast Hosting Equipment Is Needed

Before you can have a show of your own podcast, you actually need to have a hosting platform where you can share. You can try out hosting platforms like Podbean, Buzzport, SoundCloud, and more. There are also several free podcast platforms where you can create podcasts for free. Go to your web browser, and search “Free Podcast platforms.”

An Internet Provider

You really cannot operate your podcast or the recording without having an internet connection. This means that it is very important you have an internet provider that you can work with. In order to get your craft across the globe, an internet connection provider is also one of the equipment that is needed for podcasts.

Audio Editing Software

Once you have recorded all the audio you want on your computer, you will need good audio editing software as well to work. The choice of software you select will also depend on the computer’s operating system. You can use free software programs like Adobe Audition or paid ones as well.

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