Face Time Video Chat – Facetime Video Calls

Face time video chat is an app that connects iPhones, iPods, and Macs users to video chat with each other in an easy process, Face time video call is not useable for Android phone users. However, Face time is a private app because all your calls are being protected because it uses an end to end encryption.

Face Time Video Chat - Facetime Video Calls

Face time video call app has a good advantage for callers, where all your calls are not recorded and no part of your call is been sent to or save by Apple. In this case, just you and the person you are calling is involved in the conversation i.e. no third party.

How Do I Make Calls Using Face Time App

For you to make calls on Face time app, First of all, tap the plus button and then input the person’s phone number or email address, then tap the person number or the person’s address, click Audio or video. If the person’s phone number or email address on saves on your phone contact, all you have to do is just to type their name on the search button and it will appear immediately.

Are Calls Free On Face Time

However, with Face time app, calls are always free that means you don’t need to pay up for anything it an internet call you only need data to operate Face time video calls, you can also connect to a WIFI hotspot.

How Can I Make a Group Face Time Call?

It is always easier to create a group for you to use face time call app with friends rather than adding each participant after when the call has started, well it depends on who and want you to want to talk about. Just follow each step here.

  • Launch the app on your iPhone, iPod or Mac.
  • Click the + button at the top right corner of your iPhone or iPod phone
  • Enter the name or phone number of the first person you want to start with
  • Just keep adding up people until all the people you want to add are on the call. You can add up at least a maximum of 31 contacts including yourself.
  • Tap either audio or video to differentiate the call type.

Note: if a contact can’t be added or selected, instead of the blue icon a grey color will show up i.e. the contact apple device is not updated, which mean you have to update your IOS to the latest version and for Mac user, the person device has not been set up for Face Time.

How to Make Face Time Call Using the Phone app

However, you can also make a standard Face Time call via the phone app; you don’t have any option to place a Group Face Time. However, you can only add up just one user to a Face Time call once you have started a video call another contact.

  • You can search for the first person you want to Face time in your phone book or any recent list and click on the I icon beside their name.
  • Choose the option to call them from the various icons under their name.
  • Once the video call has started you can click to add more participants.

You can only add up to 32 contacts on Face Time app

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