Faye Travel Insurance: What It Covers and Cost

Faye, an online-only travel insurance company, boasts good customer service and streamlines payments through its mobile application. It provides many benefits for its policyholders, including trip interruption, trip cancellation, trip delay, medical evacuation coverage, and many more.

Faye Travel Insurance: What It Covers and Costs

Faye is a brand name for travel protection plans provided by a well-known company called Zenner Inc. Its online website form is quick and easy, giving you a quote in just a minute, and their free app makes claiming a breeze.

Even though Faye’s prices are a little expensive, some travelers might find the convenience of their all-in-one app and constant support worth it.

Apart from their mobile app and 24/7 customer help, Faye offers some extra perks, like $2,000 coverage for sports gear and $50 towards new passports.

This, along with their good baggage coverage, could be a lifesaver for those with expensive or hard-to-replace items. But if you need a lot of medical coverage, this online travel insurance company might not be the best option since their limits for evacuation and medical bills are lower than other companies’.

What Does it Cover?

This is a relatively new insurer that came into the industry in 2022. However, the insurance provider sets itself apart with its incredible app-based offerings. People who love a more streamlined digital policy may enjoy the Faye app. 

Although the app is available to download for both iOS and Android devices, you don’t always need it to purchase insurance or file a claim. You can also make use of the Faye website to check the policy price or email the company to file a claim. The insurer offers a single insurance policy that covers the following:

 Coverage types  Details
 Cost  $146.94
Trip interruption 150 percent of trip cost of up to $3000
Trip cancellation 100 percent of trip cost of up to $2,000
 Trip Delay  $4,5000 (300 a day with $200 for flight delay)
Missed connection $200 begins at 3 hours
Trip inconvenience $600 ($200 for one incident)
Lost luggage  $2,000 ($150 for one item)
Baggage delay  $200 beginning at 6 hours with receipt $200 beginning at 12 hours with receipts
Emergency medical expense  $250,000
Lost sporting equipment  $2,0000 ($150 for one item)
Lost credits or passport   $50 for one.
Emergency evacuation and repatriation  $500,000
Pre-existing medical condition waiver   Yes.

If you have Faye travel insurance, it can cover any existing medical conditions. But you have to buy it within 14 days of booking your trip and be fit to travel at the time of purchase.

Compared to other insurers, this insurer’s coverage for lost baggage and trip delays is okay, but its medical evacuation coverage isn’t as good. For instance, insurers like Nationwide and Travel Insured International offer up to $1 million for evacuation at similar prices.

So, if you’re going abroad to a remote place with limited medical help, Faye might not be the perfect choice for you.

Optional Riders

Even the largest insurance coverage won’t cover every cancellation or event. Riders, also known as add-ons, extend your coverage to include more unique situations. This insurer currently allows you to customize your travel policy with the below extra coverages:

Add-on available             Limit              Cost
 Cancel for any reason 75 percent of non refundable trip costs (of about 48 hours before departing)       $40.70
Rental car care $50,000 for CDW (Collision damage waiver)     $7.58 a day for one car.
Adventure and Extreme sports protectionVarious extreme sports including bull riding, bungee jumping, scuba diving and more         $54.56
Vacation rental damage protection           $3,000           $17.04
Pet Care $25,000 in vet bills and $250 in kenneling if you get home late             $25.36

What is Not Covered by Faye Travel Insurance?

This insurer designed its policy to cover various issues, but it is very important to know that policies won’t cover all. Here are some of the instances of exclusions found in the Faye Travel Protection Insurance Policy:

  • Elective procedures or medical care
  • If you are under the influence of narcotics (unless they are prescribed by a physician)
  • Intentional injuries such as attempted self-harm or self-harm
  • Preexisting medical issues as defined in your policy (unless the individual is qualified for a waiver)
  • Traveling to seek medical treatment
  • Acts of war, such as hostilities or invasions between countries.
  • Illegal acts
  • Learning to pilot, piloting, or acting as an aircraft crew

Also keep in mind that Faye won’t cover trips to places like Cuba, Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Israel, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, and Iraq.

How Much Does Faye Travel Insurance Cost?

The average cost of a policy from Faye ranges from $130 to $482, depending on the details of your trip.

Some of the factors that may affect the price of travel insurance include your home state and destination, your age, the total value of your trip, your travel date, and when you made the first trip deposit.

How to Purchase a Faye Travel Insurance Plan

Just so you know, the policies that are issued by this insurer are underwritten by the U.S. Fire Insurance Company. And purchasing a policy is very simple and easy. You can purchase the policy using the mobile app or the official website.

Get the quote on the website by entering information like your age, where you live, your destination, and how long you will be away. Once you have provided all the details, you will be taken to the result page. You will be able to see the options that are available for you and the add-ons you can pick.

How Can I File for a Faye Travel Insurance Claim?

Filing for a claim with this insurance company is very easy and simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch the Faye app.
  • Tap on “My Trips” and choose the trip you would like to file a claim on.
  • Tap on “Start a claim.”
  • Provide answers to the questions about what happened.
  • Submit supporting documents such as travel, hotel, and flight documents.
  • And enter the amount you are claiming for.

If you don’t have the mobile app, you can reach out to the company by email. Check out their email address on the official Faye website. Just send over the necessary details so they can help you out.

Usually, the insurer handles claims within 48 hours, but it could vary based on the situation.

Regardless of whom you’re dealing with, having all your information and documents ready can make filing a travel insurance claim quicker. Once the claim gets approved, you can get your money either in your Faye wallet or straight to your bank account.

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