Find iPhone App – Find My iPhone App | Find My iPhone Location

I lost my iPhone how can I locate it? How can I find a stolen iPhone? Whether you mislaid or lost your iPhone or probably you want to find someone else’s iPhone. Apple made us understand a particular feature on its operating system that allows people to track down or find missing iPhones. The feature integrated into the apple device is known as Find My iPhone. In general, the feature is called Find My iPhone which comes as an application to make use of the GPS feature on your iPhone locate your device.

Find iPhone App - Find My iPhone App | Find My iPhone Location

On the contrary, the structure of the Find My iPhone is made flexible, accessible and easy-to-use. The application comes with special features in which you can use to have control over your device even without you having it. For instance, one of the features enables you to stop certain activities such as calling, messaging, and others from another iPhone device or from the computer. However, with the help of the Find My iPhone on, you can use your Apple to locate your iPhone.

Feature Use to Locate Lost or Stolen iPhone

Based on the structure of the app, it allows you to locate your lost iPhone just like the GPS tracker implemented in cars and other devices. The feature that makes Find My iPhone app more convenient as to do with the following;

  • Play sound: just like when you touch a car the sound it makes exactly like that on the iPhone. Making the person feel uncomfortable to control or stop even while the device is muted.
  • Lost Mode: this particular mode allows you to flag your device as stolen or lost. During the action, you can lock your device with a passcode.
  • Erase iPhone: this is for those that have important documents on their phone that shouldn’t be seen by anyone. Then you can format the phone to erase all your device data completely. However, this action comes with a consequence that you won’t be able to locate your lost or stolen device.

In addition, the Find my iPhone make use of a combination of tool such as, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Map to help locate your device. However, you can install the Find My iPhone app from the Apple App Store if you’re using iOS 8. For higher versions of the iPhone devices, you don’t need to install, it automatically installed on your device. 

How to Find a Lost or Stolen iPhone

The necessary requirement needed to use the iPhone app to locate your lost or stolen iPhone includes you setting an iCloud account. Also, require your Apple ID in other to use to credential to access your device from the iCloud. Use the following steps to find iPhone:

  • Go to the iCloud website
  • Enter your Apple ID to your lost or stolen device.
  • Then, click All Device to locate your device.
  • You will see two colors dotted statue, green means online, grey mean offline.

Afterward, you can use the action or feature to create a disturbance for the person using your device. Also, you can see the last location that your device was online or offline. Keep in mind, the Location Service must be on, so as to use the map to narrow down the location.

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