Find My iPhone – How To Track Stolen iPhone

How can I use Find My iPhone to locate my lost or stolen Apple device? If you have heard about how to track a stolen or misplaced phone. And perhaps you don’t know how to go about it, this blog post will help you understand better. With the Find My iPhone app, you have the keys to remotely track your missing Apple devices. However, you need to be sure that the application was turned on before the device got missing.

Find My iPhone - How To Track Stolen iPhone

With the app turned on before the device got stolen, it will be easy to recover your phone the fastest.

In addition, it’s important you turn on the Find My iPhone app on any Apple device of version 8 to 12 you’re using. So that you would be able to navigate the location or pinpoint the exact location of your devices. Furthermore, the requirement on how to use Find My iPhone is simple and quick to assimilate. Find out more about the Find My iPhone requirement below.

How Does Find My iPhone Work?

In order to make use of the app, there are certain requirements. Find My iPhone requires you to set up an iCloud account so as for you to be able to create your own Apple ID and whichever device you want to track must also be linked to your Apple ID to make finding the device easier. After that, you must ensure that your location on the device was turned on before it got missing. You can use the app to do this or even visit to use Find My iPhone for free.

Requirement To Use Find My iPhone App

The requirement to operate the application is simple as mentioned above. First, note that you don’t have to make any form of payment or subscribe to any platform before you can use the application in finding your devices. However, the basic requirement includes ensuring that you turn on the app before losing the device. In case you were not aware and didn’t turn on the application before losing your devices. This indicates that you can find your device using the Find My iPhone app.

In addition, you also need to provide your Apple ID. Set up the application with your friend’s iPhone. In terms of using the iPhone to track down your devices, set up the application on that user’s device.

How to Use The App

Simply, use a device that already has the app installed, and you can fill in the remaining setup required.

  • Open the application. Select the Devices tab and you can locate the pinpoint where your device is active.
  • Once you locate your devices. Turn on Play a sound or mark it as lost.
  • Activate the lock to set your device to inaccessible mode.

In addition, go to on your web browser. Enter Apple ID to also track down the location of your missing iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Finally, use Get direction to direct you to the exact area of your missing device. 

Benefits of Find My iPhone Features 

Going further, this app allows users to remotely track or find lost or stolen Apple devices. You can use the app to locate iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac PC when you are in search of them. You can remotely track them from anywhere using the find my iPhone app as much as the device’s internet is on.

In addition, the find my iPhone app can also be a means to locate every other stolen or missing Apple product. A user can also make use of this app service to remotely wipe off your private information on your Apple device this is to protect your personal data and information from unauthorized users.

How to Find Someone Else’s iPhone

Using the app to find either your iPhone or someone else’s iPhone is very easy to do. Finding a misplaced iPhone, you would have to use your iPhone to find someone else iPhone and vice versa. If you have misplaced your iPhone and then you do not know how to go about it, here are simple steps on how to find your device or someone else device below;

  • Turn on the iPhone.
  • Open the Find My iPhone App.
  • Click on me from the option.
  • Select “Help a Friend”.
  • You will get a redirection to
  • Sign in for your friend to iCloud using their Apple ID.
  • Select the device they are looking for.

Once the location of the device shows that the device is close by, you can tap on play sound to help you find your device easily. But if it’s far away, you can click on lost mode to help you protect your data and information and keep the device on low power mode to help you have more time to find your phone.

Can I Use Find a Dead Apple Device?

No, you cannot locate your device when the phone is dead as the Find My iPhone app was developed only for the purpose of tracking a lost device when it’s still on. As that is the only way it can tell your device’s location at that moment. Also, if your phone is offline, you can still locate it using the Find My app as long as the device is still on.

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