Find My Phone – How to Find My Lost Phone | Google Find My Device

Did you misplace your mobile phone and it contains a lot of important documents? You can find it today. Technology has made it easier to find your lost phones just with the use of a mobile navigating website or app like using GPS to locate your device. The find my phone appears as a site or mobile app that helps you locate your either stolen or missing phones. However, you can also use Google find my device to find your missing phone. Therefore, the process is a very simple one you can use to retrieve your lost or missing mobile device. This however works for any mobile device you are trying to locate.

Find My Phone - How to Find My Lost Phone | Google Find My Device

There are different types of mobile navigating devices where you can locate your devices. One dedicated to iOS devices which is the Find My app and the Google Find My Phone dedicated to Android devices that includes Samsung, Tecno, and other android devices. The Find My Phone app can be located on any app store on your device. However, the Find My Phone also known as Find My devices works with some similarity with the GPS of your device. Unlike iOS devices, you need to install or turn on the Find my iPhone feature.

For Android devices, you don’t need to turn on any feature, you can simply use the Gmail or Google account sign in to the device you lost to locate your missing device. Keep in mind, the find my device mobile app can be accessed on any mobile device as it is not selective and it can be used to search for any mobile device you are looking for.

How to Find my Android Device via the Find My Device Website

The find my phone website is also known as the google find my device. All you have to do is enter “find my phone into your device web browser and login the email that is logged in on your missing device. Some steps would be listed for you to follow probably if this is your first time accessing find my device via the website. These steps are;

  1. Open your device web browser
  2. Using its search engine, locate the google find my device website
  3. Ensure the device you are using to search already has your email address logged in
  4. Click on the allow button to allow Google access to your location data, device information, and connection to locate your missing device.
  5. Then you will see your device name and the map to show you where your device is.

However, it is not 100% guaranteed that the find my phone would help you locate your mobile device. Based on the fact that if your device is turned off or sign off the email account. But there is no crime in trying. You might be lucky to find your missing mobile device using the find my phone website.

How to Locate my Android Device via the Find My Phone Mobile App

Aside from the website, you can also use another person’s device to help locate or find your phone. However, to access this you have to first download the find my device app. You can use this mobile app to find your Samsung and any other phone brand android device except your iPhones as it has its own different mobile device search. Here are the steps you can follow to access the find my phone app;

  • Using your device app open the google find my device app
  • If it is not your device, click on the sign in as a guest link
  • Enter your email or phone number that logged in on your missing mobile device
  • Enter your password and click on the Next button
  • Your device would be tracked and located.

This is also not 100% guaranteed just like the website. So, therefore, it is advisable not to put all your hopes on google to find my device. However, you can try other means of locating your device if the find my phone doesn’t work. It is necessary you have an internet connection before accessing the find my phone.

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