Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date & Price

Has S22 Ultra been released? What is the Galaxy S22 Ultra release date? In recent times, a lot of people have been asking this question. While some people do not know what the Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra is all about. Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra is a family of Samsung’s latest set of Smartphones. Galaxy S22, S22 +, and SS2 Ultra. The SS2 ultra is more radical and it has a very new design and amazing features. A lot of people have been taking pre-orders since there was news about the Samsung phones without worrying about their cost. Although, the price is in the range of the S1 series, so do not panic. It will give you the best you can ever ask for from Samsung smartphones.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date -  Samsung Galaxy S22  Ultra Release Date & Price
Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date & Price

Furthermore, the Galaxy s22 ultra has features like S Pen, rear cameras, and many more. You can make use of it to take notes and also for your digital arts. And it has been made official at the Galaxy unpacked event and pre-orders were made available on the same day. Actually, there is a bit of wait to get the phone despite its price. Just have it at the back of your mind that among its peers, the Galaxy Ultra is the best and it came along with a lot of differences. However, when will the S22 Ultra be out? To know the answer to this question, follow this article to the end.

What is Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date?

Actually, the release date depends on your country. In the United States, all three modes will go on sale on 25 February, just a few weeks after the launch. However, in some come countries the date is still known. But in the United Kingdom, the S22 Ultra will also go on sale on 25 February. While the S22 and plus will go on sale, later on, March 11. Just make your calendar and wait for the release date. It is a Smartphone you will love with no doubt at all

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price

Now let’s talk about price and just like I have said above, it is in the same range as the S21 series. Although, many people expected Samsung to raise the price for this New Year it is still the same.  So you should not expect anything less or higher. Below is the price break down, check them out;

  • 8GB  +  12GB ; $1,199/E949/ E1,279
  • 12GB  +  256GB: $1,299/E1,249/E1,379
  • 12GB   +   512GB; $1,399/ E1,329/E1,489
  • 12GB  +  1TB :$1,599/E1,499/E1,689

There are also many retailers that offer pre-order bonuses. However, if you are pre-order from Samsung in the United States, you can upgrade to the next storage plan for free. You also can make your pre-order at popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, or Target. The retailers will definitely keep your mind at absolute rest. So what are you waiting for? Make your SS2 ultra pre-order and also get to save more cash. I wish you the best.

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