Golf Cart Insurance: What You Need to Know

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In the realm of insurance, golf cart coverage stands out as a niche where risk mitigation meets recreational enjoyment. It intertwines the thrill of the game with the security of comprehensive protection, creating a tapestry of assurance for golf enthusiasts.

Golf Cart Insurance: What You Need to Know

This specialized insurance not only shields against unforeseen events but also underscores a commitment to preserving the essence of golfing experiences. It is more than an insurance policy; it is a testament to a lifestyle dedicated to leisure, sport, and the pursuit of moments that define the joy of golfing.

What is Golf Cart Insurance?

Golf cart insurance is a type of insurance coverage designed specifically for golf carts. Just like car insurance, it provides financial protection in case of accidents, damage, theft, or other unforeseen events involving your golf cart. This insurance typically covers liability (for injuries or property damage caused by the cart), collision (damage to the cart resulting from a collision), comprehensive (damage from non-collision incidents like theft or vandalism), and sometimes medical payments for injuries sustained while using the cart.

Primary causes of golf cart-related injuries

The primary causes of golf cart-related injuries include falling or jumping from the cart, being struck or run over by the cart, collisions with vehicles or objects, carts overturning, injuries while getting into or out of the cart, and injuries to protruding limbs.

Falling from a golf cart is the most common cause of injury, accounting for 38.3% of cases, followed by being struck or run over by the cart at 16.2% and collisions with vehicles or objects at 9.6%.  These accidents often occur at sports facilities, on streets or in public areas, and around homes or farms.

The increase in golf cart-related injuries highlights the need for intensified efforts to prevent such incidents, especially among children, who constitute a significant portion of the cases. Implementing safety measures like operator training, limiting the number of passengers, installing seatbelts, and driving cautiously on various terrains can help reduce the risk of golf cart-related injuries and ensure a safer experience for users.

What Does Golf Cart Insurance Cover?

Golf cart insurance typically covers various aspects to ensure comprehensive protection for golfers and their equipment. The coverage includes:

  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Protects against damage to someone else’s property caused by your golf cart.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Covers medical expenses if someone is injured in an accident involving your golf cart.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers loss or damage to your golf cart from events beyond your control, such as theft, vandalism, fire, or natural disasters.
  • Collision Coverage: Pays for damage to your golf cart resulting from collisions with other vehicles or objects.
  • Medical payments: This is a type of coverage that can help pay for medical expenses if you or your passengers are injured in an accident while riding in your golf cart. This coverage can help pay for things like hospital bills, doctor visits, and other related expenses. It’s important to note that this coverage is usually limited to a certain amount per person or per accident, so it may not cover all of your medical expenses.

These coverages offer golfers peace of mind while enjoying the game and ensure protection against various risks associated with golf cart usage.

What It Doesn’t Cover?

Golf cart insurance typically provides comprehensive coverage; however, there are certain exclusions to be aware of. Here are some common aspects that may not be covered by this insurance policy:

  • Off-Road Usage: If you use your golf cart off-road in areas not designated for golf carts, certain damages or accidents may not be covered.
  • Public Road Usage: Some insurance policies may not cover accidents or damages that occur while driving your golf cart on public roads, especially in states with strict personal injury protection requirements.
  • Unlicensed Golf Carts: Golf carts that are licensed for on-road usage in specific states with stringent regulations may not be insurable under standard golf cart insurance policies.
  • Limited Home Insurance Coverage: While some homeowners’ insurance policies may offer coverage for golf carts used strictly on your property, coverage limitations may apply depending on the extent of usage and location.
  • Specific Exclusions: Certain policies may have exclusions for particular activities or modifications to the golf cart, such as racing or extensive customizations not disclosed to the insurer.

Understanding these exclusions is crucial to ensuring you have adequate coverage for all potential scenarios involving your golf cart. It’s advisable to review your policy details carefully and consult with your insurance provider to clarify any uncertainties regarding coverage limitations.

How Much is Golf Cart Insurance?

Golf cart insurance costs can vary based on several factors, including the type of golf cart, location, and usage frequency. A standalone golf cart insurance policy can cost anywhere from $405 to more than $1,000 per year. But you can save money by adding an endorsement to your homeowner’s policy. Its rates typically depend on factors such as:

  • Your age
  • The type of golf cart you own
  • Your location
  • How often you use the cart

Do I Need Golf Cart Insurance?

Whether or not you need this insurance policy depends on a few different factors. Some states require you to have a certain amount of liability coverage if you’re driving on public roads. Other states don’t require any specific coverage, but it’s still a good idea to have some protection in case of an accident.

If you’re driving your golf cart on private property, such as your own property or a golf course, you may not be required to have insurance. However, some golf courses may require you to have a certain amount of coverage. It’s always a good idea to check with your local laws and with any property owners before operating your golf

How Do I Get Golf Cart Insurance?

To get this insurance policy, you can follow these steps:

  • Research: Start by researching different insurance providers that offer golf cart insurance. Some popular options include Progressive, The Hartford, Nationwide, and Foremost.
  • Online Quote: Visit the websites of these providers and request a quote for golf cart insurance. For example, you can get a quote from Progressive by visiting their website or calling them.
  • Contact Specialist: If you prefer to speak with a specialist, you can call The Hartford to get a quote for golf cart insurance.
  • Customize Coverage: Once you have a quote, you can customize your coverage to suit your needs. For example, you can add roadside assistance or custom equipment coverage to your policy.
  • Purchase Policy: After customizing your coverage, you can purchase the policy online or over the phone. Make sure to read the policy details carefully before finalizing the purchase.

Remember to compare quotes from different providers to find the best coverage at the most affordable price.

Golf Cart Insurance Discounts

There are a few ways to get discounts on your golf cart insurance. One way is to bundle your golf cart insurance with another type of insurance, such as your homeowners or auto insurance. Many insurance companies offer a discount for bundling policies.

Another way to save is to take a safe driver course. This can show your insurance company that you’re a responsible driver, which may result in a discount on your policy. Finally, you can also get a discount for paying for your policy in full up front.


Do you need a license to drive a golf cart?

The answer to this question varies by state. Some states, like Florida and Arizona, don’t require a driver’s license to operate a golf cart on public roads. Other states, like California and Texas, do require a driver’s license. It’s always a good idea to check with your state’s DMV before operating a golf cart.

Is my car insurance policy enough to cover my golf cart?

No, standard car insurance policies do not cover golf carts. Golf cart insurance is a separate policy that provides coverage specifically for golf carts.

How can I insure a golf cart?

You can insure a golf cart by purchasing a standalone golf cart policy or by adding golf cart coverage to your current homeowner’s or auto insurance policy.

Can golf carts be insured under a homeowners insurance policy?

Some golf carts are eligible for coverage under a homeowner’s insurance policy, as long as you stay on your property.