Google Ads YouTube – How to Advertising on Google YouTube

Are you looking for a way to showcase your product or yourself to people so as to draw their attention toward your brand or services? Why don’t you try Google ads YouTube which would be of help and show you where YouTube users are watching. One of the biggest ways to reach out to people is through advertising and there are many different advertising platforms to showcase your business or brand. Google Ads YouTube is one of the reputable adverting platforms you can think of when you want to reach out to thousands of people worldwide.

Google Ads YouTube - How to Advertising on Google YouTube

Google Ads YouTube helps you to reach people you never thought you could meet in person and if your advert is attractive, they could need your services. This ad enables people all around the World using YouTube to see you and order your services depending on your product and advertisement. YouTube Google ads is a very unique tool whereby you can advertise your products and draw the attention of people from different areas of the world either both far and near. You can visit the YouTube google ads website to create an advertising campaign for your business or brand.

As a matter of fact, YouTube is where a lot of people choose to watch entertainment shows if they are far from home to entertain them. Therefore, while they are watching, your advertisement might just pop up and if it is very catchy you get to have tons of customers. In addition, not everyone visits YouTube to watch shows, some do because they probably want to shop online, and seeing your advertisement on the ads might link them to you.

Types of YouTube Ad Videos

There are some common types of YouTube ads videos, anyone of your choice can be picked to advertise your goods. However, you can pick anyone that you feel is nice and okay for your advertisement. Then get set to pay google for the advertising and calls you to get from customers. Although it doesn’t cost much just depending on the type of ad you pick for your advertisement. Here are the types of YouTube ads;

  • In-stream ads: an ad that pops up just before an audience plays the video, he chooses to watch on YouTube. With this, you can advertise your goods and services in the ad. Plus if eventually, the audience likes your advert, he/she can switch to your channel to order for your services. However, viewers are allowed to skip if they want to but it is after 5 seconds.
  • Pre-roll ads: this ad comes up after the main video. The time duration can range from 15 to 20 seconds of which if you prefer that, you can advertise your business with it.
  • Bumper: This is the shortest ad on YouTube. They come up right before a viewer’s main video and last for up to 6 seconds.

Using any of these ads for advertisement is really cool and fun but Google ads account is required before you can use YouTube ads for advertisement. Google ads can not be opened for people younger than the age of 18. So therefore, you must have attained the age of 18 before you can gain free access to YouTube ads.

Steps to Advertising on Google YouTube

Promoting your YouTube videos of your business can be done with AdWords. However, YouTube AdWords serves as one of the best ways to reach out to people that are very far from you due to the use of the internet. Here are some ways by which you can promote your business YouTube videos using AdWords;

  • Firstly, set up a campaign with AdWords.
  • Then, you can organize the ad group inside or within the bounds of your campaign.
  • Create an ad group each for your campaign.
  • Then after that, you can create an ad for your video or business.
  • Follow the keys metrics by which you can evaluate performance with the use of AdWords analytics.

After following the steps listed above, you have finally created your own YouTube AdWords. Then, your audience can now watch your ads anytime they open a video to watch on YouTube. Thereafter, you can try to create something that you think would draw the attention of people to your website.

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