Google Chrome Store – Install and Manage Extensions | Google Chrome Web Store

How can I download Chrome Store or how do I access the Google Chrome Store? First of all, Google Chrome Store also known as Google Web Store isn’t an application in which you can download on your PC. Chrome Web Store is an online Google application store designed to operates only on Chrome web browser where people and download web apps and also extensions. According to reports, Chrome Web Store has more than 190,000 web apps and extensions that can group into a different category. Learn more about Chrome Web Store and how to download web applications from the platform.

Google Chrome Store - Install and Manage Extensions | Google  Chrome Web Store

Furthermore, Chrome Web Store was introduced in December 2010 and later now redesigned for more efficiency based on the huge traffic, multiple downloads, and a large number of apps. However, Chrome Store Web only operate on Windows devices and Chrome web browser. Already, the application is pre-installed on the Google Chrome web browser for you to visit. To search for thousands of apps and extensions to download on your PC or Windows. There are lots of applications and extensions in which you can download from the Chrome Web Store. This includes the IDM integration module, Google Translate, AdBlock for chrome, Arc Welder, Vysor, and more on Chrome Store.

Apps on Chrome Web Store

Just like I stated earlier, there are two features on Chrome Web Store which include apps for Chrome and also extensions. You can download thousands of applications from the Chrome Web Store that includes Facebook, Outlook, Google Keeps, and more.

Extensions on Google Chrome

Extensions are another feature on Chrome Web Store where you can search and add extensions to your Chrome web browser to gives you instant access to the website. The benefits of using extensions include adding them to the collection of the existing web apps. Also, provide you with relevant links and information you need.

In Addition, Theme on Google Chrome is another unrecognize feature on the platform. You can download themes from the Google Chrome Web Store in other to help beautify your web browser and other necessary things you need.

How to Download Apps, Themes, and Extension on Chrome Store

On the contrary, the Chrome web store availability is access to navigate and then allows you to download apps, extensions, and also browser themes. Keep in mind, the Google Chrome Store is only accessible on PC and on Chrome Web browser.

  • Open your Chrome Web Browser.
  • At the top right corner click on Apps.
  • Then, you can select Web Store.
  • This will open the Google Web Store page.
  • Search on the store using the search engine at the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, click Add to Chrome.

In summary, you can explore your search by using filters or categories like Developer Tools, Fun, Recommended for You, and more. But keep in mind, you need a Google account to Gmail account for you to be able to personalize your experience.

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