Google Classroom for PC – How to Use Google Classroom for PC

Google Classroom has one of the most popular and widely used learning management tools used to conduct classes online. It developed by Google for easy learning online with powerful tools such as creating, distributing as well as grading assignments online. The free learning platform dedicates for schools to be able to create a classroom online with the concept of engaging well with students. Google Classroom is compatible with various internet connecting devices that include Android, iOS, and Web Application. One of the devices for easy learning is via the Google Classroom for PC.

Google Classroom for PC - How to Use Google Classroom for PC

On the contrary, Google Classroom for PC is the dedicated version for windows devices where you can make effective use of the tools. The Google Classroom for PC allows great communication between teachers and students by sharing files. Currently, over 130 million people make use of Google Classroom to conduct online classes for teachers and students. However, Google Classroom is similar to other learning platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Canvas, LearnDash, Schoology, Blackboard Learn, and more. Learn the simple procedure on how to install Google Classroom on your PC or Windows.

Overview Features of Google Classroom for Windows

First of all, the Google Classroom for PC builts with features like every other compatible device of Google Classroom. This includes the Google Classroom app and web. However, if you’re looking at what feature is Classroom built with, it’s set up with powerful tools. To be able to create, distribute and grade assignments. It’s built up with tools that include Google Calendar, Google Slides. Google Sheer, Google Doc, Gmail, and other services for easy communication. Through the use of Google Meet, you can host classes online and invite students to join the class through private code.

Also, with Google Drive, you can be able to share videos, links, images, PDFs, and other study materials. The use of the Google Calendar will enable you to schedule assignments and other useful of the various tools on the Google Classroom for PC.

How to Use Google Classroom for PC

First of all, use Google Classroom for PC is completely free and accessible on any Windows device. The official Google Classroom uses to access the platform on your PC. Your Google account or Gmail account is required to get started where you can host and invite students.

  • Go to the Google Classroom website.
  • Select the option Get started for free or Go to Classroom if you’re a user.
  • Then, click Next.
  • Enter the name of your institution and select which kids of education your institution falls under.
  • Enter the website and select the number of students and staff.
  • Select your country and enter your institution phone number.

However, you can follow the instruction to the end in other to set up an online classroom for your students. As for students, you can simply select the option Go to Classroom, Click on the plus icon, and select Join Class. Finally, enter the class code sent to you by the admin or your teacher to join the class.

Is Google Classroom Available in App for PC

According to reports, Google Classroom is available in the mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Meaning only users of iPhone and Android have access to download and install the Google Classroom app on their device from the various respective app stores. In terms of the Google Classroom app for windows, it’s not available on PC. But it seems other internet app stores like Softonic, while login through the process of download, you can’t download it as an app. Instead, you can add it to your chrome for easy and instant access to join or create classes.

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