Google Meet – Host & Join Meets on Google | Google Meet App

Been hearing about Google meet and then wondering what it is and what it’s all about? Read through this article as you would be enlightened on all you need to know about Google meet. However, Google Meet is an online video platform available for everyone to meet and interact through a video call. Considering the pandemic, which requires everyone to stay home, people now use Google Meet to connect with people from different parts of the world. Whereby you can host conference meetings, video calls, and more, using the Gmeet video platform. Also, one fact about Gmeet is that it doesn’t require any payment before access which implies that all you can do on the G Meet is free including video calls.

Google Meet - Host & Join Meets on Google | Google Meet App

Google meet has so many unique features you are yet to discover. One of which is that it enables you to connect with people all around the world from anywhere you are. But without a Gmail account, it is impossible to access and use the Hangouts Meet platform. Therefore, before you can become a user of the Google meet platform, you have to first sign up for a Gmail account. Also, you should note that Gmeet isn’t a chatting platform but just a video call platform and it can be accessed on any device using the Google Meet app or the Meet website.

Google Meet App

The Google meet app is another place the G Meet platform can be accessed. The app is one of the easiest ways the G meet platform can be accessed. Glady, you can download and install the Hangouts app on any mobile device. You can make use of the app on both iOS and Android devices depending on which mobile device you own or feel comfortable accessing it on.

  • Open your device Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Locate the G meet app using the search engine
  • Click on the Google meet app from the results
  • Tap the “Install” or “Get” button.

The Google Meet app is can’t be installed or downloaded on your Pc device. Therefore, to use the G Meet platform on your desktop device, visit the Gmeet website, to start your video calls and interact with people. However, you can start up a meeting on Meet and also join a meeting using either the website or the app. Check below on how to start up a meeting using G meeting.

Google New Meeting

You might be the head of an association and then you want to start up a meeting which you must have already informed the members of your association about the meeting so they can join the video call. Therefore, to start a meeting on Google Meet takes a very simple process. These steps are;

  • Visit the Gmeet website, or open the app
  • Click on the “New meeting” link
  • Then you can choose which you would love to do (create a meeting for later/ start an instant meeting/ schedule in Google calendar)
  • To create a meeting for later, a link would be given to you by G Meet which you can share to your meeting members so that joining the meeting would be easy for them.
  • To start an instant meeting, click on the instant meeting link then add members or share the link to people you want to be in the meeting
  • You can also schedule a meeting for later on your Google calendar.

With the above-listed steps, you can set up a new meeting on Google meet and invite people to join using the link to the meeting. However, if you are new to Meet, check below on how to join a meeting using the Hangouts Meet link.

Google Meet (Join Meeting)

After the host for the meeting has set up the Meet, you can now join using any device you want to via the mobile app or Gmeet website. But this can only be achieved simply by using the code given to you by the meeting host. Here are steps by which you can join a new or an existing meeting;

Join Using the Gmeet Website

  • Visit the Gmeet website
  • Click on the Join with a code link
  • Enter meeting code or link

Join Using the Meet App

  • Open the Google Meet app
  • Click on the join with a code link
  • Enter the code/link for the scheduled meeting

Then click on the join button/link to proceed into the meeting. Also, a host can add a member to the meeting through the use of the member’s Gmail email address if the link not shared. Then the added member would have to accept the invitation before he/she can join the meeting.

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