Google Scholar – How to Use Google Scholar Search Engine

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What is Google Scholar? First of all, Google has different search engines for different purposes. This includes Google Image, Google Web, Google Shopping, and more. Google Scholar is not like Googler offers lessons on how to be a scholar or a scholar learning program. Instead, it’s a free access web search engine where you can search for scholarly literature through a wide variety of published formats and disciplines. The Scholar search engine is built full text or metadata of reputable scholarly literature. Learn more about Scholar and how to make a search using the Scholar search.

Google Scholar - How to Use Google Scholar Search Engine

The Google Scholar is a bibliographic database of scholarly literature where you can search publishing formats and disciplines. The platform is owned by Google and was released on November 20, 2014. Its database consists of highly scholarly books, journals, conference paper technical reports, and other scholarly literature. The way Scholar works is simple, based on the fact that it makes enquire of web crawler or web robot to help present a conclusive search engine based on your search. However, if you’re a scholar and you want your content on the platform, there are certain requirements need. The platform is accessible in different countries such as Google Scholar UK, and more.

Feature of Google Scholar

Majorly, Google Scholar is a search engine platform dedicated to scholars where users can search for digital or physical copies of scholarly literature. Through the web crawler, full-text journal articles, books, and other scholarly literature are indexed. Some of the features of the Scholar include:

Group and Access to Literature

One of the features of the platform is “Group of” which showcases available links to journal articles. According to reports, the feature comes with an accessible link to either a subscription access version or a free full-text version of articles.

Citation Analysis and Tools

The Cited by feature enables easy access to a brief summary of a research article that includes citations of articles. This is actually similar to platforms like CiteSeer, Scopus, and Web of Science citation indexing.

Related Articles

The related articles help in broaden your search with other related articles based on your search. When you make your search on a particular article, Google Scholar will provide you with some close to your search or related articles.

How to Use Google Scholar Search

First of all, to use the Google Scholar Search engine is very simple, it’s just like using your normal search engine to find information on the internet. The Scholar search includes two features that include article and case law where you can narrow down your search. Use the following step

  • Go to the Google Scholar website.
  • On the search engine type any topic and click Enter.
  • You can find a wide range of topic based on your search.

Finally, you can select any book or article to read. Also, you can add articles to your library whereby you don’t need to go through a search. Simply, click the Star icon to add to your library. Plus, you can explore your search with features that includes patents, and citations.

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