Google Solitaire – How to Play Solitaire on Google for Free

Do you know you can play the solitaire game online just like we used to play amongst ourselves? The Google solitaire can be played with 100 million other players online. You can enjoy the addictive fun of the Google solitaire game, with all of the ease and the functionality of modern solitaire. Also, you no longer need a separate app for the game or waste time with a round of solitaire on your phone. The Google solitaire to help you out. You can also find also Google’s latest addition to its search results amazing. While the search has also added two classic games solitaire.

Google Solitaire - How to Play Solitaire on Google for Free

Google solitaire is actually a family card game that was brought up by Google for easy access to the game through your browser. The Google solitaire is a mobile-friendly app, fast with also over 500 games like the Klondike, spider solitaire and free cell, and so on.  The Google solitaire is a bunch of fun features, completing solved games, challenging, then you are set for the most exciting and amazing experience with the Google solitaire. It is free and also allows you to play 9 challenging games of solitaire.

Features of the Google features

The features are the things you get to enjoy from Google which will be below for you. The following are the features of the Google solitaire.

  • 100% free
  • Card flipping automatically
  • Unlimited undo and redo options
  • Save game progress
  • Many beautiful card sets, card backs and backgrounds to choose from
  • Double click to auto move cards
  • Smooth fluid and advanced animations
  • Statistics tracking
  • Hint function will suggest a move if you need help
  • No download or registration
  • Deal animations and winning animations

All of these are the features you should be looking forward to when you want to play the Google solitaire game on your mobile device like your IOS, computer, and your android.

How can I get the Google solitaire for free?

You can get the classic solitaire for free for your windows also. You can get the free solitaire when the game is open, right-click or press and hold the game button on your taskbar and select the pin to the taskbar. When you get to the start menu, scroll down all of the apps listed to Microsoft solitaire collection, then you right-click on the title and select the pin to start with the Google solitaire.

How to play the Google solitaire

The game might seem to confuse you at first but as you start playing you get to understand all about the tactics of the game. The game is all about skill and luck so as to win. The following are the ways to play Google solitaire.

Step 1. Understand the objective of the game

This is you creating a card in four piles, which is one per suit all in ascending order, and will be starting with an ace with the king ending it.

Step 2. Start building the layout

You build the layout by putting the first card face up and six cards face down next to it. these cards your layout will become separate piles your tableau columns as you play the card.

Step 3. Put the remaining card in a separate pile

The remaining card will be your stockpiles of cards and will be above or below the pile. And it will be where you will get more cards if you are running out of moves

Step 4. Leave room at the top of your four foundation piles of card

You can enjoy the fun of the Google solitaire with no stress but through your mobile device.

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