Hero Wars Adventure 9 – How to Pass Hero Wars Adventure 9 | Siege of Strongford

The Hero Wars Adventure Game is not a new game but it has been around for quite a while now.  It will interest you to know that the Hero Wars Adventure Game is been played by many game lovers from across the world.  The Game was developed by Nexters and it’s as to do with traveling round the Magical World of Dominion which has been invaded by the evil forces of Archdemon. However, your job is to conquer this terror by assembling an army of heroes, upgrading them, and unlocking new skills in them. There are various adventures to this game and they all have their title. Amongst the popular Hero Wars Adventure mode is Adventure 9. The Hero Wars Adventure 9 is tilted Siege of Strongford and is quite an interesting and entertaining mode.

Hero Wars Adventure 9 - How to Pass Hero Wars Adventure 9 | Siege of Strongford

Unlike other modes, the Hero Wars Adventure 9 has a lot of different approaches and according to the developers, DeiSolios and Hericus are recommended while playing this particular adventure. In Adventure 9, you are required to defeat the corrupted Boss known as “Galahad”. For gamers who have been following up with the Hero wars Adventure game, you will notice the corrupted Boss. Adventure 9 is the same as Adventure 1, 5, and 13. Meanwhile, the easiest and recommended route to use when playing this game is mandalorian99. Using this route, you will be able to finish your route without needing to wait for other players.  You can read through this written article to discover more about Hero Wars Adventure 9.

More about Hero Wars Adventure 9 – Siege OF Strongford

As stated earlier, the Hero Wars Adventure 9 is quite an interesting and entertaining game but it comes with a different approach entirely.  While playing this particular mode, you need to get a team point of 700/800 with moves of 15. The required team level for adventure 9 is 100 levels. And as mentioned before, you will need to defeat the corrupted boss known as Galahad in this game mode.

Mandalorian99 has been recommended for you to use if you want to finish the route without having to wait for other players. However, other routes can also be used as further references, or if your team is very strong ignore the drawbacks.

The Static buffs for this particular adventure include;

  • Top+ 60% pure damage resist – pylon #36
  • Middle +60 physical damage resist – pylon #35
  • Bottom +60 % magic damage resist – pylon #38

Players to use in Hero wars Adventure 9

  • Deisolios
  • Hericus

How to Play the Adventure 9 Game

First of all, to play the hero wars adventure 9, there are a series of adventures you’ll need to pass through. This includes adventure, 1, adventure 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, to 13 which is the final adventure. Keep in mind, in the Hero Wars you can find the adventure 9 stages to play. Plus, instructions you need to follow to pass through the stage or to enter a new stage which is adventure 10 will be provided to you. Likewise, you can also apply the same experience and instruction you use the play adventure 1 to 8 to pass through adventure 9. To access it today, you can download the app via the app store on your mobile device. Or you can join other online players via their Hero wars official Facebook page.

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