How to Become an Amazon Influencer

How to Become an Amazon Influencer – Do you wish to be an Amazon influencer and have your Storefront on the platform? Well, if yes is your answer, then you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, I will be sharing details with you on how you can succeed in becoming an Amazon Influence. Meanwhile, a lot of people say that becoming an Amazon influencer is not easy.

Well, that is true but look on the bright side. Getting approved for the Amazon Influencer Program is easier than getting approved for the Amazon Affiliate program.

How to Become an Amazon Influencer

But that does not mean that becoming an influencer on Amazon is impossible. The only challenge is getting accepted.

What’s more, there are certain requirements that you will need to meet to be able to become an Amazon influencer. For instance, you need to have a certain number of followers on your social media.

Do not be discouraged because I am here to help you. Now, if you want to sell products and become an Amazon influencer, apply for the Amazon Influencer program.

Who Is an Amazon Influencer?

An Amazon influencer is a person who specializes in content creation. Furthermore, they work to promote and sell products sold on Amazon through social media. In other words, they do not need to create ads.

So, as an Amazon influencer, you will use your social media accounts to sell products to your followers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. You can also redirect them to your Amazon Storefront to make purchases.

Who Can Become an Amazon Influencer?

If you are looking to become an Amazon Influencer, there are some requirements that you will need to meet. So, if you are looking forward to being one, here are the criteria you need to meet:

  • You need to have a decent number of followers.
  • You need to have an Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube account.

And lastly, you need to be involved with your audience as well. What’s more, Amazon is most likely to partner with influencers who already market products to their audience.

How to Become an Amazon Influencer

If you are looking to become an Amazon influencer, you do not need to get involved in affiliate programs. But you need to apply and need to get approved to be able to become an influencer on Amazon. So, if you want to become one, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Apply For The Amazon Influencer Program (Registration)

  • Visit the Amazon Influencer Program website at
  • Tap on Sign Up.
  • Create a new account if you are new to the platform or continue using your existing account.
  • If you have created a new account or signed in to your existing one, you will need to enter the following information:
  • A profile picture.
  • A 350-character bio.
  • Access to your important and projecting social media platform.
  • The address you want all reports to be sent.
  • Your name.
  • A header image (optional).

The next thing you have to do is select between 3 various social media platforms which are Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook.

But it is advisable to choose a site where your social media presence is high. So, if your number of followers is high, the higher your chances of getting accepted.

Step 2: Create Your Storefront

This is the section where you will add your Amazon Storefront name as well as a tagline. Furthermore, if you are a part of the Amazon Brand Registry, you will be able to create custom storefronts to boost marketing.

Moreover, it is advisable to promote products that you have used or still using and share your experience. What’s more, if you want to make your Storefront look attractive, add a header image and profile image.

Step 3: Create your Account

The next step is to include your account information. Once you do so, tap on the Save and Finish option and this will take you to the Amazon Associates dashboard.

Once you see the dashboard, follow Amazon Influence Program on Instagram with your account which you used to sign up for the program.

This is because you will not be approved unless you follow them. But as you wait for your application to be approved, you can begin to build and create your storefront.

How Much Do Influencers Get Paid on Amazon?

A lot of people ask this question and this section will be answering your question so keep reading. Now, here is what you need to know. Every category on Amazon comes with a fixed dividend or fee percentage for influencers.

For example, Health & Personal, Video games consoles, and Groceries have a 1% commission for Amazon influencers. Luxury Beauty, Amazon Coins categories, and Luxury Stores Beauty come with a 10% commission pay.

So, be sure to pay attention to Amazon’s Commission Income Statement and analyze it before selecting the category you wish to promote.

Here is a table with the commission fee for all the categories of products on Amazon:

Amazon Tablets & Kindle devices4%
Computers, computer accessories, DVD & Blu-Ray2.5%
Amazon Fashion Items & Amazon Coins10%
Televisions &Digital download games2%
Furniture, Lawn & Garden, Home Improvement, Prime Pantry & Pet Products8%
Paper Books, Health & Personal Care, Sports, Kitchen, Auto & Baby4.5%
Digital Music, Video Downloads, Grocery, Handmade, Musical Instruments5%
Video games and game consoles1%
Business & Industrial Supplies6%
Clothes & Accessories, Amazon TVs, Echo’s & Jewelry7%
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