How to Check the Status of my Unemployment Debit Card

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Unemployment benefits are always given depending on the state you reside. And as an unemployed person, you may be receiving your benefit payments through a special debit card provided by your state. How to check the status of my unemployment debit card is not available in all states but if it is available in your state then you are among the lucky ones.

How to Check the Status of my Unemployment Debit Card

With an unemployment debit card, you will get a weekly payment which is loaded into the debit card for you to use. However, before you get an unemployment benefit you will need to be approved for it. The card will be mailed to you after your benefit has been approved and then it is up to you to monitor any activity on it including the receipt of your benefits.

After getting your unemployment debit card you will have to be checking the status or balance on your unemployment debit card frequently. With your unemployment debit card, you can pay bills and if you are provided with a Chase Visa card, a KeyBank debit card, a Bank of America MasterCard, or any other bank-issued card it won’t be obvious that it is an unemployment card.

How Does an Unemployment Debit Card Works?

When you file for unemployment, you will be advised of the different options available to receive benefits. Bear in mind that most states no longer issue paper checks anymore and this is because it is too expensive to process benefits electronically. If your state has gone electronic, then options for receiving unemployment benefits include having a direct deposit transferred to your bank account. After you have signed up for benefits, your card will be mailed to you and it has been received you will need to activate it and set up a PIN for it to receive funds from the government.

What Do I Do if I Don’t Receive my Unemployment Payment?

Issues like this come up almost every time so if you are facing the same issues then you don’t need to worry anymore because help has come. Now, if your payment is more than a few days late, the first thing you should do is to call your unemployment office. Once you call them they will provide you with information as to whether or not your payment has been processed. They will also tell you what to do if your pimento is delayed or if there is any kind of issue.

How to Check the Balance of My Unemployment Debit Card

It is very easy to check the balance of your unemployment debit card. There are two ways in which you can do so. Now, How to check the status of my unemployment debit card should not be difficult if you can just follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to insert your unemployment debit card into an ATM
  • Then enter your PIN to check the balance
  • You can also get a statement at the ATM if you want to see when the last unemployment payment was added to the debit card.

Finally, the second way to check your balance is to call the self-service hotline for your state unemployment office to check on the status of the debit card. However, if you do not have the number you can find it on your unemployment office website which is

How to Avoid Debit Card Unemployment Scams

How to check the status of my unemployment debit card is not that difficult to carry out, you just have to follow the instructions given to you. Unemployment debit card scammers exist and they try to target unemployment recipients so that they can get their hand on their money. But the thing is you can protect yourself from these scammers. So if you receive a call requesting any of this information below then they are scammers.

  • PIN
  • Social Security Number
  • Bank card/direct payment card number
  • Direct deposit account number

Unemployment offices will never ask for any of this information above. They do not ask for your personal information once your claim has been set up. So if you receive any call requesting this information then just know that they are scammers trying to swindle you of your money.

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