How to Download Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung smart TV offers amazing games and apps making it very easy to access the entertainment of your choice. Samsung enables users to have more than 200 apps on their smart TVs without stress. It gives the convenience of having smart TV. Did you just purchase a new Samsung smart TV and you are just staring at the home screen wondering how to get your Netflix, Amazon prime apps on the new TV? Well, you are quite lucky. That is because I will enlighten you on how to download apps on your Samsung smart TV in this article.

How to Download Apps on Samsung Smart TV
How to Download Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Furthermore, to download apps on your Samsung smart TV is very easy to do with the Smart Hub application. The application allows you to find the app of your choice and download it on your smart TV. The Smart Hub comes pre- installed on your Samsung Smart TV. However, if it is not available on your Samsung smart TV, you can download the application and activate it. To download the Smart hub on your TV, just follow the guidelines in your Settings.

How to Download Apps on New Samsung Smart TV

To download Apps on your New Samsung Smart TV is very easy just like I have stated above. Nevertheless, the below are the guidelines to follow to download the apps;

  • Click on Smart Hub button on your screen
  • Click on Apps
  • Find the app you will like to download by clicking on the Magnifying glass icon
  • Enter the Name of the application you wish to download
  • Select Done
  • Select Download

Once the downloading process is complete, you can now select open to making use of the app. You can now enjoy entertainment with the app on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Download App to Old Model Samsung TV

To download an app to your old Samsung smart TV, you can search for the app in the Apps search box to find the app. If the app is not on your App section, your Old Samsung does not support the app. However, another solution to download the app is to go to the web source. Make use of your USB drive to move the App from your computer to the Smart TV. When you Booth your USB drive, you will be shown the stored Apk on your USB storage. Run the Apk file and begin the download steps.

Keep it in mind that, before you begin the downloading process; make sure you grant permission to the third-party app in the security setting to give access to an unknown source. Once you do that, the Smart TV will now allow the Third part app be installed on your device without any problems.

Furthermore, once the app gets installed, you will now see the app icon on the home screen. Check if the apps work correctly.  However, you might encounter problems with the app when using it because it is an old model and it does not support the app.

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