How to Fix Message Not Sent on Android Phones

How can I fix Message Not sent on Android Phones or what can I do if Messaging stops on my Android phone? Well, sending and receiving Messages are one of the cheapest and easiest ways of communication on mobile devices especially on smartphones like Android devices. On the contrary, there are instances when you send a text Message on your Android phone and you get a “Message not sent” response. Then, something is out of place as there so many reasons why you such things happen. In this article, I will help unleash ways to fix these problems.

How to Fix Message Not Sent on Android Phones
How to Fix Message Not Sent on Android Phones

To fix the Messages Not Sent on Android phones by checking the Message App and the SIM card settings. Unfortunately, today social media and chat Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc are almost replacing the use of text messages coupled with a problem of Messages not sent. But most people’s love for using text messages still remains because of its privacy and the secret identity it possesses. However, you can also fix the Message Not on your Android Phone by checking your account balance and correcting the message center number.  

How to fix Problems Sending Messages on Android

There are so many factors that can lead to Messages not sent on your Android devices as earlier stated above. Although, Android users might be confusing but I will highlight some possible ways of fixing the problems. Below, i will tell you the possible ways of how to fix message not sent on your Android phones.

  • Download and install the latest version of the Message App on your device.
  • Check if you have a SIM card and if it is properly inserted. You can also check the SMS Message center for the configurations settings particularly the delivery reports.
  • Check your account balance to see if the balance is sufficient to send messages.
  • Check your Android device if it is on airplane mode. If is on, turn it off.
  • Check and make your carrier supports SMS, MMS messaging.

Additionally, you can also troubleshoot your Android device to fix the message not sent problem.

How to troubleshoot your Android Phones for Messages Not Sent

Troubleshooting your Android device is one of the quickest ways to end the Message not sent problem. However, the following steps are ways in which you can troubleshoot your device.

  1. Restart your phone: This is done by using the pressing down the power button forcefully located at the side of the phone. This means you are resetting your phone thereby fixing any temporary malfunctioning or faults of equipment.
  • Check for updates: You check for updates by locating Software Update in the Setting interface. This will fix the messaging App and make it work again.
  • Clear your Messages Cache: This requires certain steps to do that.
  • Go to settings on your Android device.
  • Click on storage and tap on the Message App
  • Then, tap on the “CLEAR CACHE”.

However, check your SIM card and make sure is properly fixed. In conclusion, I hope the above methods will end the problem and give you a better experience on how to fix Message not sent on Android phones.

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