How to Get Car Insurance for Mexico

Stunning beaches, beautiful vistas of Los Cabos, and Ancinet ruins are one of many reasons to visit Mexico. If you choose to drive your way to Mexico, it is very important to purchase enough car insurance before you get on the road. The Mexican law requires all cars and vehicles to have auto insurance.

How to Get Car Insurance for Mexico

Your standard U.S. car insurance policies won’t cover you in this case because the liability limits in the country work differently. So, it is very important to buy Mexican auto insurance, also known as Mexico tourist auto insurance, before going on the trip. Failing to purchase enough policy could land you in jail, where the cuisine is worse and the views are less stunning.

In this article, we will break down why you need this insurance, what it covers, and where you can purchase it. Read to the very end to learn how you can get car insurance for your Mexico trip. 

Why Do I Need Mexican Car Insurance?

Just like I have mentioned above, if you’re driving in Mexico, you must get Mexican auto insurance because your U.S. insurance isn’t enough by itself.

To abide by Mexican law, you need a separate policy from a licensed Mexican insurance company. Your U.S. insurance might offer limited coverage once you have Mexican insurance, depending on your provider.

You can get Mexican insurance from a Mexican or U.S. company that works with Mexican insurers. They offer policies for different lengths of stay, like one day to a year.

You’ll pay a separate premium for your United States insurance. And your coverage starts and ends on the dates you choose. If you drive outside those dates that are listed in the policy, you’re not covered and could face Mexican law fines.

To purchase a Mexican auto policy, you will need:

  • The place you will be traveling to in Mexico
  • Traveling dates
  • Your United States auto insurance policy number (you can find this on your policy or proof of insurance)
  • Your driver’s license (if you are under 21, you may have to pay an extra fee).
  • Model, make, and year of your vehicle
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle identification number

Mexico Car Insurance Coverage

There are lots of incredible insurers in Mexico, but the safest way for tourists is to purchase the policy via a U.S. agent or insurer. This way, you will be able to avoid miscommunication or potential scams. In Mexico, you are required to have liability insurance in case of an at-fault accident.

Liability Car Insurance in Mexico

This helps to cover bodily injury and property damage. It is vital to have high liability limits because the federal liability law in the country states that when a driver causes an accident that causes another motorist’s death, the driver will be responsible for compensation that is equal to 5000 times the Mexican state minimum wage plus funeral bills. A judge has the right to multiply this amount by about five.

To let you know how the law works, if you cause an accident and it causes a driver’s death in Nuevo Leon, You will be responsible for an amount that is equal to the state minimum wage of $207.44 X 5,000, which is equal to $1,037,200 pesos. And that is equal to $60,915 in United States dollars at the conversion rate.

If the judge multiplies this amount by 5, you will be looking at about $304,579 in judgment plus the burial expenses. Increasing your liability limits can help protect you from paying out of your pockets if the damage exceeds the limit.

Additional Coverage Options for Mexico

Along with the liability insurance, you can buy other coverage for car injuries or damages that you or your passengers sustain. Additional coverage includes;

  • Physical damage: This is similar to the collision and comprehensive coverage in your standard policy. It covers the damage done to your car from car accidents, hail, flood, theft, fire, and falling objects.
  • Legal expenses: This helps to provide legal bills for court issues, bail bonds, and more if you get in a car accident.
  • Medical expenses: Just like personal injury protection, or Medpay, this coverage helps to pay for medical expenses if you or your passengers sustain injuries after a collision or a covered event.
  • Medical evacuation: Medical evacuation helps pay for transportation bills if you suffer injuries in an accident. And you need a ride to a medical facility or hospital.
  • Roadside assistance: It helps cover jumping, starting dead batteries, towing, fixing flat tires, and more if your car breaks down in Mexico.

Other additional coverage that you can purchase includes total theft coverage, partial theft and vandalism coverage, and limited Mexico coverage. Discuss with a reputable U.S. insurance company or agent to learn more about this auto insurance coverage for Mexico.

Where to Purchase Car Insurance for Mexico

To purchase car insurance for Mexico, you will need to go to companies that work with Mexican insurers. Here are some of the companies that can help you purchase a Mexican car policy. 

  • Allstate via Grupo National Provincial S.A.
  • AAA
  • Progressive insurance via MexPro
  • Baja Bound
  • General Insurance via ACE Seguros, ABA Seguros, SA de C.V., and Grupo National Provincial
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance via MexPro
  • MexInsurance
  • MexPro

It is a very good idea to compare quotes from various companies in order to find an affordable price and coverage options. Just so you know, your United States auto insurer may offer an endorsement that extends coverage from your policy within a distance of the United States border.

For instance, if you get into an accident about 10 miles from the border, your collision insurance portion of your United States policy would cover you. Also, you can buy Mexican auto insurance if you rent a car when you are in the country. Plus, you can purchase this through a travel agent when planning your trip.

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