How to Get Car Insurance Without a License

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It can be very problematic, especially when it comes to buying a car insurance quote without a license. Although it is not possible, prepare yourself, buckle down to pay higher rates, and research more.

If you are interested, for this reason, we will be discussing how to get car insurance without a license. Without a doubt, different reasons may prompt you to buy a car insurance policy if you do not have a driver’s license.

For instance, if you have health problems or are older, you may be unable to drive, but you have a car. Or if your driver’s license gets suspended and you have a court order to obtain auto insurance, nonetheless, there is a possibility of getting one.

It is said that the perfect way to get car insurance without having a license is to purchase a policy and register yourself as an excluded driver. However, there are also other available options that you can go for.

Apart from this, getting insurance coverage without a license will safeguard you against damage to your car while parked and not in use, offer coverage when someone else is driving your car, and avoid a lapse in your coverage.

Can I Get Car Insurance Without a License?

Although some insurance companies will reject your application for coverage if you do not have a driver’s license, there are still other insurers that will offer coverage, but keep in mind that it will cost you more than a driver without a license.

The reason for this is that auto insurance companies review the last 3 to 5 years of your driving record while they are fixing the rates.

So imagine what it will be like if you do not have a driving record or if your license gets suspended. This will mean that you are at higher risk to the insurance company, which will make them charge you higher rates for getting a car insurance quote.

Reasons to Car Insurance With No License

What are the reasons for getting car insurance without a license? From here on, you are aware that obtaining a car policy without a driver’s license is hard but possible.

It is advisable and wise to work with and get assistance from a local agent who will guide you during the application process and also help you find the best insurance company that meets your preferences.

Nevertheless, here are the scenarios where you can insure a car without a license:

If you can,

  • No longer drive.
  • Taking a break from driving.
  • New to the United States.
  • If your car is parked or is in storage.
  • Have a learner’s permit and own a car.
  • If you do not drive but someone in your household does.
  • Revoked or suspended license.
  • Are a car collector.
  • If you are insuring a car for a teen driver.
  • Want protection against theft and damages.

Accordingly, if you are in any situation like this, you can go ahead and purchase car insurance without a driver’s license.

How to Get Car Insurance Without a License

To repeat, getting a car insurance policy is very tricky without a driver’s license involved. In the meantime, there are some recommended methods that professionals suggest that involve:

  • Speak to an independent insurance agent.
  • Register someone else as the primary driver.
  • Include a co-owner during the car’s registration.
  • Purchase parked-car coverage.
  • Enroll yourself as an excluded driver.

• Speak to an independent insurance agent

Speaking to an independent insurance agent, as mentioned previously, is one of the possible ways to get car insurance without a license.

This is because they have worked for companies and have written insurance quotes. Additionally, these insurance agents might have worked with local insurers who offer coverage to drivers with licenses.

• Register Someone Else as the Primary Driver

This will be more favorable for car owners who do not drive the car but own one. Besides, some insurance companies allow car owners to list someone else as the primary driver. Although the requirements for this process differ by company, it can be someone in your home.

• Include a Co-owner During the Car’s Registration

If you are unable to find an insurance provider, adding or including a co-owner during the registration process of the car is helpful.

Besides, this process is straightforward as well, but some states will require you to file a form with the Department of Motor Vehicles and pay fees to undergo this process.

• Purchase Parked-Car Coverage

This is another way to obtain auto insurance without a license. Therefore, if you have a car but do not drive it often or just park it, you should consider parked-car coverage.

• Enroll Yourself as an Excluded Driver

Although some insurance companies allow car owners to register as excluded drivers, you will not get proper coverage if you drive illegally or get involved in an accident.


Why would someone need car insurance without a license?

Some individuals may own a vehicle that they don’t drive themselves but allow others to use. They may need insurance to comply with legal requirements or to protect their investment.

Who might need car insurance without a license?

People who have a valid reason for owning a vehicle but are unable to drive due to reasons like medical conditions, legal issues, or age restrictions.

What information do I need to provide to get car insurance without a license?

You’ll typically need to provide information about the vehicle, your personal details, and the details of the licensed driver who will be using the vehicle.

Can I insure a vehicle if I’m not the primary driver but own it?

Yes, you can insure a vehicle even if you’re not the primary driver. You’ll need to designate the primary driver and provide their license information to the insurance company.

Will car insurance without a license be more expensive?

It’s possible that insurance premiums may be higher if the primary driver doesn’t have a license, as it represents a higher risk for the insurance company.

Can I get full coverage insurance without a license?

The availability of full coverage insurance may vary depending on the insurance company’s policies. Some may offer it, while others may only provide basic coverage.

What documents can I use instead of a driver’s license to get car insurance?

Some alternative forms of identification that may be accepted include state ID cards, passports, or other government-issued identification documents.

Are there any restrictions on the coverage for a vehicle insured without a license?

Insurance companies may impose certain restrictions or limitations on coverage for vehicles insured without a license, so it’s important to review the policy carefully.

Can I add myself as a driver once I obtain a license?

Yes, once you obtain a driver’s license, you can typically add yourself as a driver to the insurance policy for the vehicle.