How to Get Lawn Care Business Insurance

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Whether you are a self-employed landscaping contractor or you own a lawn care company with employees, it is a good idea to get lawn care business insurance for your business.

How to Get Lawn Care Business Insurance

This insurance coverage shields you and your employees against lawsuits and other financial losses that may affect your business. But most businesses ask how to get lawn care business insurance.

Lawn care businesses generally face a wide range of industry-specific human activity. They work with machinery, heavy equipment, harmful chemicals, and so on. For this reason, lawn care businesses are likely to get different types of insurance coverage for their businesses. There is different insurance coverage for lawn care businesses.

It is quite easy to get this insurance coverage for your business. You can easily get this insurance if you have identified the coverage that is best for you and your preferred insurance company. This write-up contains insights on how you can get lawn care business insurance for your business.

How to Get Lawn Care Business Insurance

You can follow several steps to get this insurance coverage for your lawn care business. The following are six steps to getting lawn care business insurance:.

• Assess your risk

Understanding the risks associated with your business will help you determine the right insurance coverage for your lawn care business. Common risks such as employee injury, property damage, broken or damaged equipment, injuries from lawnmowers, illnesses due to chemical exposures, and others should be considered when determining your business risks. Also, consider the dangers, types of accidents, lawsuits, or weather events affecting your business when determining risks.

• Consider which policies your lawn business needs

The right insurance coverage will shield your business from a wide range of risks it faces. The table below illustrates some types of business insurance lawn businesses may get for their business, along with what they cover.

Types of InsuranceWhat is covered?
Business property insuranceThis insurance covers damages to your business property, such as equipment, inventory, and assets, due to certain accidents, weather events, and other harmful human activities.
Commercial auto insuranceIt covers the vehicles you use for business purposes. It also covers accident-related expenses such as bodily injury or property damages.
Inland marine insuranceThe cost of repairs or replacement of damaged or stolen business property at a job site or stored by a third party is covered by this insurance coverage.
General liability insuranceThird-party claims made against your business for bodily injury, personal/advertising injury, and property damage are covered by this insurance.
Workers’ compensation insuranceMedical expenses for employees from work-related injuries or illnesses are covered by this type of insurance.
Tools and equipment insuranceThe cost of replacement or repair of stolen or damaged business equipment is covered by this insurance.
Business umbrella insuranceThis type of insurance offers additional coverage for liability claims filed on other insurance policies. These policies include general liability, employer’s liability, or commercial auto.

You can also consider getting multiple types of insurance on your business owner’s policy (BOP), which is a combination of general liability insurance, business interruption insurance, and commercial property insurance.

• Shop for your coverage

Another thing you need to do is shop around for the right insurance coverage for your business. You should compare quotes from different insurance companies.

Also, you can contact an insurance company directly to get quotes and select the coverage best for your business. It is advisable to get insurance quotes from an insurance company you are already working with.

In cases where you are new to insurance, working with an insurance broker or agent may be a good idea. An insurance broker or agent gives you information on your lawn care insurance and what insurance is best for your business.

Another option you can consider is shopping for insurance using an online marketplace. Through this step, you can easily compare different quotes from different insurance companies.

• Choose an insurance company

After finding the best coverage for you, you can proceed to selecting the right insurance company for your business. At this stage, it is advisable to compare quotes from different insurance companies to help you find the best insurance for your lawn care business.

When comparing insurance companies, you need to consider their coverage, liability limits, cost, reviews, and customer experience. Doing this will help you find the best insurance provider.

• Purchase your policies

Once you’ve selected the policy and insurance company for your lawn care business, you can now proceed with the payment for your lawn care business insurance. After purchasing your policy, ensure you are aware of when your insurance payments are due, how to manage your coverage, and how to file a claim.

• Keep your coverage up-to-date

Read through your lawn care business insurance coverage yearly and ensure your policies are up-to-date.

Each time your policy is due for renewal, you can re-access the risks associated with your business, your policy coverage, and your experience with your insurance companies. Using this information, you can decide whether you want to change your policy or not.

How Do I Make Sure That My Insurance Policy Has Everything I Need?

Just like any business contract, you need to carefully review your lawn care insurance policy before signing it. If you work with an agent, you can ask for clarification about terms you do not understand.

If a client requires you to have a particular type of insurance coverage before giving you a job, you can ask your insurance company or agent to ensure you have all you need to meet the requirements.