How To Make End Portal In Minecraft To Take On The Ender Dragon

How can I make end portal in Minecraft to make on the Ender Dragan or what do you use to make an end portal in Minecraft? In this article, learn how to make end portal in Minecraft to take on the ender dragon. On the contrary, the only means which you can use to find the Ender Dragan is using the End Portals in Minecraft which also allows you to access the End biome. Many of us are wall familiar with Minecraft and have passed through so many stages.

How To Make End Portal In Minecraft To Take On The Ender Dragon

Furthermore, in the stage level of Minecraft, the End Portal is usually one of the most difficult stages. It has a unique structure designed for you to pass through to enter the End biome. In the game, players are provided with two different methods in other to make past the End portal. The first method requires the player to set up the frame by himself. The second stage has to do with searching for the frame already been assembled found in the stronghold. Here are the following ways to make the Ender Dragon end portal.

How To Make End Portal In Minecraft To Take On The Ender Dragon

During the process of how to make end portal in a creative way, we will show you some free steps to make an end portal in Minecraft. However, materials to use include 12 Eyes of Ender and 12 End portal frames.

Crafting the End Portal from Scratch

The easiest means a player can use to travel to the End biome is by crafting their very End Portal. Uusing the list of materials above that includes 12 Eyes of Ender and 12 End Portal Frames. You can craft your End Portal by standing on one spot a place your portal frames around the circle. However, you must ensure that the Ender Eyes direction faces right to activate the portal.

Make the Frame

First of all, you need to make use of the 12 End Portal Frames to can to create the frame for the End Portal. Afterward, you can then add three end portal frames in other to constructs the first side of the portal. Next, turn to the right aside and also add three more end portal frames to create the other side of the portal. While creating your portal, you need to ensure, the tab in green located at the top of the end portal frame actually faces the inside portion of the portal.

Finally, you need to also do the same setup by turning to the right to add more three-end portal frames and you can turn to your right to add another three frames.

Add the Eye of Enter to Complete the End Portal

After you must have created the frame, the next method is to completely set up the End Portal. The process involves you adding 12 Eyes of Ender. In other words, you can add the Ender Eyes in each of the end portal frame blocks you created. By simply, placing your character in the middle of the portal.

Keep in mind, it’s not necessary for you to add the 12th one of the End Portal Frame as you stand in the middle. Due to the fact that, the End Portal will be activated and this will transfer you to the End biome.

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