How To Make Moi Moi

How To Make Moi Moi – Moi Moi also known as bean pudding is one of the most popular foods in Nigeria. Furthermore, it is simple and savory to eat. What’s more, various people eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and it can be served as a snack or appetizer. This food is very simple to make and there are different recipes that you can use to make it.

How To Make Moi Moi

Besides, you can also choose what you want to put in it while preparing it. For instance, boiled eggs, fish, crayfish, animal liver, and so on. So, while preparing this meal, there are some ingredients that you will need while making it. You will need spices, beans, peppers, onions, and other ingredients. Moreover, it is very cheap and delicious to eat. You can also serve this meal with custard or pap.

But if you want to make this meal, you also need to make sure you use b a suitable container for it. In other words, you can use banana leaves, heat-proof bowls, baking pans, or even aluminum foil. Some people prefer their moi moi baked as well. So, when you make this meal in any container or other materials like foil, it is going to take the shape of whatever you put it in. It is very moist and soft so you are definitely going to love it. Now, I will show you how to make moi moi to keep reading.

How To Make Moi Moi

Moi Moi is very easy to make and you just need the ingredients and perfect steps ready. Once you do so, preparing this food will be a piece of cake. So, if you want to learn how to prepare this food because you are not sure about what to do, scroll on to find out everything you need to know. Now, let us dive into it:

Ingredients For Making Moi Moi

  • 700g black-eyed or brown beans – It’s best to use black-eyed beans which are also called Ewa Oloyin.
  • Onions – If you want to get the best flavor of any food, ensure a good quantity of onion is added to your dish.
  • Peppers –
  • Crayfish – All sorts of seafood are welcome to your moi-moi making except for crab shells, please!
  • Seasoning cube.
  • Vegetable oil or red oil.
  • Hard-boiled eggs.
  • Fish (optional).
  • Salt.
  • Boiled beef liver (Optional).
  • 1 red bell pepper.
  • Tomato paste (for extra color but optional as well).
  • Water.

Process For Bean Pudding Preparation

To be able to start preparing this meal, you need to first peel the beans. So, here is how to peel the beans with a food processor:

  • Pour the 700g or any quantity of your choice.
  • Soak the beans for 10-15 minutes.
  • Drain out and pour the soaked beans into the food processor.
  • Pulse a few times to get rid of the skin.
  • Next, pour out the bean in a large bowl and add enough water to cover the beans.
  • Swirl it around to make the beans’ skin float and then pour it out.
  • Repeat this process until all the skin is off.

How To Process Beans For Bean Pudding

  • Soak the beans in a bowl for 10 – 20 minutes.
  • Next, begin to use your palms to rub the beans together.
  • Though this process is long, it is still achievable.
  • After peeling, wash the beans and drain out the skin.
  • Do this until the beans are clean.

How To Blend Beans For Moi Moi Making

  • Put the beans in a blender and add the peppers and onions.
  • Add the crayfish, seasoning cube, salt, bell pepper, and a cup of water as well.
  • Blend all of them until it turns into a batter and transfer it into a bowl.
  • After you have put the batter in the clean bowl, pour groundnut oil and mix it up.
  • Add the boiled fish chunks, or liver into the batter and keep mixing.
  • Then, prepare the bowls or containers you would like to use for this meal.
  • Wash and oil the plates.
  • To oil the plate, put a few drops of groundnut oil in the bowls and rub it around until the whole inside of the plate is greasy.
  • Mix and distribute the batter into the bowls.
  • Once you are done, add the boiled egg on top. It is not necessary to push it in too deep.
  • Put a pot on the fire and add boiled water or you can boil the water in the pot.
  • Arrange the bowls in the pot and cover.
  • Allow this to steam for about 45 minutes.
  • If the water in the pot is already drying up, carefully put in more water.
  • If you want to find out if the moi moi is cooked, you can dip a skewer or the end of a tablespoon in the bowl and break it out, if it comes out clean or fairly clean, your moi moi is ready.

So, carefully remove the moi moi from the bowl you used to cook it and put it onto another plate. Enjoy your meal with anything of your preference.

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