How To Make Money in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous country in the world, but there is enough space for everyone to still make money. Making money online in Nigeria is still achievable, and if you have the knowledge and are smart enough, you will definitely make a lot of money. It doesn’t matter if you are employed, unemployed, a student, or a fresh graduate looking to make some extra cash.

How To Make Money in Nigeria

Even with the current situation in Nigeria, there are still verifiable ways of making money as a Nigerian online. With the high cost of living now, you might be wondering: how can I make up to N100,000 in a day or a week? It is very simple: just make sure you look out for the needs of people around you. Making money online in Nigeria is not rocket science, as there have been cases of 18-year-olds making more than $2000 monthly. However, with the right orientation and direction, you can start making money easily.

How Can I Make Fast Money Online in Nigeria?

Are you a Nigerian looking for legitimate ways to make money in Nigeria? Well, there is no need to worry because you are in the right place. But one thing you should know is that it takes time and consistency to make money online. In order to start making money legitimately online, you need to have a skill that will enable you to start earning online.

If you are dedicated, consistent, hardworking, and smart, you will definitely make a lot of money. Now, while thinking of making fast money online, do not get involved in fraud or any illegal businesses.

How Can a Nigerian Student Make Money Online?

In Nigeria, the highest rate of people looking for money are students; they go into businesses and learn skills just to cater for themselves. Making money in Nigeria is not tailored to a particular category.

So whether you are a student, a graduate, etc., you are eligible to know how to make money in Nigeria. As a student, you can start by learning a skill; for instance, you can learn fashion design, baking, etc. Aside from that, you can become a make-up artist, learn photography, and so much more.

How To Make Legitimate Money Online in Nigeria

It is not enough to know how to make money in Nigeria; you also need to know how to legitimately make money online. There are people who are making money illegally, and they do this by defrauding people or stripping people of their hard-earned money just because they are looking for fast ways to make money. So if you want to make money legitimately, these are the things you can do.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs are a great way to make money legitimately, especially if you are looking for a side hustle. As a virtual assistant, you get the luxury of working from home while helping your clients with their day-to-day tasks, like basic administrative work, social media management, or email management. Working as a virtual assistant as a student will be a great way to make some extra cash for yourself.

Content Creation

Content creation is another way to make money online, especially now that it has become the first choice for most young people in Nigeria as a way to make money online. If you are passionate about creating content that will excite people, then you should bring out your mobile phone and start doing it. From dance, music, comedy, skits, and more, content creation has now increased the chances of people making money online.


Blogging is an excellent choice if you are looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria. And luckily, it is very easy to start blogging; all you have to do is choose a niche, produce high-quality content, develop an audience, and monetize your blog with Google AdSense or other direct advertising deals. Once you start having traffic on your site, you can recommend other people’s products, get paid commissions on sales, or make sponsored posts for your audience.

Online Courses and Tutoring

You can easily make money in Nigeria by teaching what you already know using a course outline and your mobile phone as a camera. It does not necessarily have to be a teaching subject; you can teach video editing, baking, cooking, and many more. Additionally, you can upload your content to popular sites like Udemy and Coursera and earn money. This will also help you create an online presence that you can use to advertise other products and get paid for.

Gift Card Trading

If you are on Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram, I am sure you have seen advertisements where people tell you to come and trade your gift card with them. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria. Also, there are platforms where you can get the best rates for your gift cards and make profits.


Another way you can legitimately make money online is through Internet marketing. This is the best way to gain customers and start making sales. Copywriting requires the services of someone who has a skill in writing texts, advertising, and other forms of marketing. Businesses and multinational companies now hire copywriters, and they also pay them well.

Tiktok Influencer Marketing

Tiktok influencing has been one of the best ways to make money online; you can make up to 70,000 NGN and 1,300,000 NGN monthly. If you are very popular on TikTok, then there is a high chance you will make more money. Just make sure you have a huge fanbase, and you are good to go.

Drive with Uber

Driving with Uber is a sure way to make fast money online in Nigeria. If you own a car and want to venture into transportation, just register with Uber, and you will start making money.


In conclusion, making money in Nigeria is not as difficult as people see it to be. There are lots of ways to make money; you just need to be smart and dedicated. People make a lot of money by just sitting in their homes. And with their mobile devices, they are able to make a lot of money. This is to let you know that there is power in social media and the internet as well; you just have to make good use of them.

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