How to Use Google Maps Platform for Business

How can I use Google Maps Platform for business? Many of us are well familiar with Google Maps based on the fact that make of use it in our day-to-day life. People make use of Google Maps to get directions to various places and routes to store or restaurants. Likewise, as a part of been used as a retailer’s store finder, it can be used to track a parcel delivery, and also to order uber right from their smartphone. This is more reason why many businesses tend to make use of Google Maps to help provides the following kind of location-based services.

How to Use Google Maps Platform for Business

Furthermore, Google Maps Platform for business provides businesses with lots of amazing features to get connected with your customers and for your business to be found. Based on the statistics provided, Google Maps as 99% coverage of the world that includes providing users with reliable, comprehensive data from other 200 countries and territories.  Also, 25 million updates daily where you can receive accurate and real-time location information. Learn more about the advantage of the Google Maps Platform for Businesses.

Advantage of Using Google Maps for Business

In the meantime, the Google Maps Platform allows businesses to integrate powerful, solutions, and scalability to business to help increase awareness of your business on Google. Plus, the platform offers you Google Maps Premier Partners in other to make the best out of the platform.

  • Scalability: on the contrary, Google Maps offers you the best tool that you need to match your business. Whereby, no matter country or location you’re or your customers, you can scale to make your preference.
  • Easy-to-use Powerful Location: with the Google Maps APIs enables you to integrate powerful features to your apps. Whereby enabling GPS coordinates to street addresses by making use of real-time traffic in other to estimate journey times. However, this includes Maps, Routes, and Places.
  • Option to Track Users: On the contrary, Google Map Platform for businesses comes with several tracking option that includes GPS tracking, Geolocation, and more to help track users.

In the meantime, there are lots of exciting advantages you can make use of Google Maps Platform for your business. However, businesses built with Google Maps Platform get to enjoy access to customization capabilities. Also, able to make use of the Street View and Point-of-view manipulation to draw layers.

How to Get Started with Google Maps Platform for Businesses

Another interesting aspect about using Google Maps for business has to do with the Android API. This comes with Street View which is apparently help in letting you view streets or path. Here are the following steps to get started with Google Maps Platform for Business.

  • Visit the Google Maps Platform, then enter your email address and password of your Google account.
  • Select your country and agree to the terms of service, then click Agree and Continue.
  • Then, you can select the best option that describe your business or organization.
  • Agree to the Service by clicking on the checkbox and click Continue.
  • Enter your active phone number and click Send Code for identity verification.

Afterward, you can select your account type, enter your business name. Then, add a payment method to fully complete the setup of your account.

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