How to Use Speed Dial Functions in UC Browser

Uc Browser is an advanced mobile browser with lots of feathers. Here is one awesome feather of UC browser (Speed Dial function) lots of users have been seeing the icons on their UC browser. But don’t know what it’s been used for. Speed Dial is like creating bookmarks with icons. That is been displayed in front of every new tab you open. It is a quick way of accessing any website you visit frequently. You don’t need to start typing the URL over again. All you need is to click on the icon and the website page is up. On the UC browser, you don’t need extensions to use the speed dial function. Just follow the simple steps on how to use speed dial functions in UC Browser.

 How to Use Speed Dial Functions in UC Browser

US Brower is one of the most widely used mobile web browsers that provides users with a fast connection to the internet. Even with a 2G network, it seems you’re browsing with 3G speed. Based on the experience of using the mobile browser application, downloading or browsing things is very fast than other mobile browsers that include Opera Mi, Opera, Phoenix, and more. The latest version of the mobile browser is more satisfying and works on any mobile device.

Homepage of UC Browser

The UC Browser’s latest designs come with a full experience whereby you can easily find features. The UC browser app is integrated with a website where you don’t need to type in the URL. The homepage is designed with an easy and excellent browsing experience where you can easily browse through topics. With a U4 engine and video player, it comes with a compatible experience for visiting the website.

How to Use Speed Dial Functions in UC Browser

Speed Dial is one of the home screen feathers of UC browsers. That gives users quick access to their favorite website.

You can add the site to your speed dial list by tapping on one of the empty icons with the plus symbol and enter a web address then click the ok button. To add it to your icons. Whenever you open your UC browser you can tap the icon and it quickly loads the page.

You can also rearrange all the icons. by right-clicking on any icon and select move to move the shortcut around. you can also rename short cut by right-clicking on the icon and select edit. You can also get the quick reads section from the home page. this section gives you access to automated news and top stories.

You can also open tabs in the background. By right-clicking on the tab icon and select open in the background. This is a unique feather such that whenever you just start up your browser you can open your entire favorite site in the background. That’s all you need to know on how to use speed dial functions in UC Browser

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