IAN Parry Scholarship

What is IAN Parry Scholarship? This is a scholarship for young photographers. This scholarship comes in form of a competition for photographers to apply for. After the competition, the winner gets to earn the IAN Parry Scholarship and lots of benefits. So if you are in need of a scholarship as a photographer, you can just apply for IAN Perry Scholarship.

IAN Parry Scholarship

Furthermore, IAN Parry Scholarship is one of the best scholarships you can apply for. Just by applying for it, and winning you get to enjoy this scholarship. IAN Parry Scholarship is given to photographers who take a full-time photographic course and also are below the age of 24. What’s more? Keep reading to find out.

What is IAN Parry Scholarship All About?

In 1989 during the Romanian revolution, a photojournalist named IAN Parry died while he was on an assignment for the Sunday times. He was about the age of 24. After his death, Ian’s family, friends, and Aidan Sullivan came together to create this Scholarship. This was to create a positive thing from his ruinous death.

Every year, an international photographic competition is held for young photographers under the age of 24 and attending full-time photographic courses. However, the Scholarship is an international photographic competition for newly developing photographers. It is a competition for young photographers under the age of 24 or taking full-time photographic courses.


Every year, different categories of this Scholarship are given. This year there are two basic categories given for the scholarship. These scholarship categories come with the same criteria. However, based on the individual portfolio and project, the judges determine if they won the scholarship and which of the below categories they fall under.

  • The Canon Award for potential.
  • The Tom Stoddart Award for excellence.

These two categories are the given categories for this year’s Scholarship. Depending on the decision of the judges, you get to find which category you fall under as the winner.

IAN Parry Scholarship Benefits

After you are declared the winner of the Scholarship competition, there are a lot of benefits you are liable to enjoy. Here are some of these benefits below;

  • Every winner gets cash of $3,500 for the project they have chosen.
  • All winners are given an opportunity to partake in the Visa Pour L’Image transmission program in Perpignan.
  • Winners get to attend a portfolio review day with leading industry experts in London.
  • As one of the nominees of on Joop Swart Masterclass in Amsterdam, the winner is automatically chosen by World Press Photo.
  • The winner is offered a year personal mentorship program.
  • The winners are continued to be supported by canon.

Winners from both categories are liable to earn all the above benefits and more. Nothing is taken out from their benefits after winning.

Who is Eligible for IAN Parry Scholarship?

To be eligible for this Scholarship, there are certain eligibility criteria you must meet. Here are the eligibility criteria below;

  • Irrespective of nationality, all photographers are eligible.
  • Be below the age of 24 or be registered under a full-time acknowledged photographic course.

If you meet these eligibility criteria, you would definitely be in the competition for the scholarship. However, the judges of the competition determine if you are eligible for the scholarship or not.

Countries Eligible for IAN Parry Scholarship

Fortunately, all countries are eligible for this Scholarship. So, irrespective of your country of residence, you can apply for the Scholarship easily. You just need to follow up the given process to apply and enter the competition. Now, you don’t have to worry about your country not being eligible for IAN Parry Scholarship.  

IAN Parry Scholarship Application Requirements

After confirming if you are eligible for the competition, you need to know what you need to submit while filling out the Scholarship application form. However, here are the requirements for the Scholarship Application below;

  • Name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Permanent address.
  • Personal email address.
  • Personal mobile number.
  • College.
  • Title of course.
  • Portfolio of 12 photographs (photo essay or individual photos).
  • Description of your project stating the details of your portfolio.
  • A project proposal clearly explaining what your project would undertake if you get the scholarship.
  • Provide an extended caption for all 12 photographs as a word document.

To get more information, you need to visit the IAN Parry Scholarship official website and carry out the application steps. Just by making use of the requirements information, you can successfully complete your application.

How to Apply for IAN Parry Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, you need to visit the official website of the IAN Parry Scholarship through your web browser. Right from this website, you can locate the application button and follow up on the application steps. Also, using the requirements information you already know, you can apply for the Scholarship very easily.

IAN Parry Scholarship Deadline

The 15th of July, 2022, is the deadline for the application for this Scholarship. During the release of the form and the deadline, applicants can apply and partake in the competition. After the deadline, it is impossible to get the application form. Instead, you need to wait till the following year to partake in this scholarship.