Instagram for iPhone – Download Instagram for iPhone

Are you a user of an iPhone or are you looking for a way to access Instagram on your device? One of the things that keep and build connections and communication more is social media platforms. However, one of these social media platforms is Instagram. Truly Instagram works on any device you want to access it on. But note that Instagram can be accessed in two places which are the Instagram app and the Instagram website. However, the app is accessible to all devices. Also, the website is open to all devices you want to access it on. Not to worry, the Instagram platform is accessible on your iPhone device both via the website and the mobile app.

Instagram for iPhone - Download Instagram for iPhone

Furthermore, using Instagram on your iPhone device is fun as you get to meet other Instagram users, follow them, like their posts, view their stories, and get updates of the latest. You can however choose where you would love to access the Instagram platform either the app or the website. Though, the Instagram app has been made available for the easy access of Instagram by users. So, therefore, if you choose to access Instagram via the Instagram app, the app is available for your iPhone on the apple store for free download.

Instagram App for iOS

As mentioned earlier above, the Instagram app is free and available for all mobile devices which also includes iOS such as iPhone devices. However, in order to download or install the app on your iPhone device, you should visit the apple store on your device which has been specially designed for the download of apps to your iPhone. Here are steps by which you can have Instagram for iOS on your device;

  1. Open your iPhone apple store
  2. Enter Instagram app into the app store search engine
  3. Click on the search icon
  4. Click on the Instagram app from the results provided
  5. Tap on the “GET” button to begin download and install.

Ensure you complete the following step to in other to complete the download of the Instagram app on your iPhone. Keep in mind, the Instagram app is compatible with any series of iPhone devices. After you’ve downloaded the app, you can learn how to set up Instagram on your iPhone.

How to Use Instagram on iPhone

You can make your choice on which platform you want to access Instagram which includes the Instagram app for iPhone or the website. However, how to access the two provided Instagram platforms would be stated for you below. Note that, using your iPhone to access the Instagram website, it is however compulsory to visit the Instagram website using your internet browser. While using the app for iPhone requires you to install the app on your Instagram app. Follow these steps to know how to use the platform on your iPhone;

Instagram for iPhone via website

  1. Visit the Instagram website
  2. If you already have an Instagram account, sign in
  3. If you are new to Instagram, click on the sign u button and enter your required personal information
  4. Once your Instagram is open
  5. You can add a profile, follow other users, explore, get your followers and also like and comment on posts.

Instagram for App

  1. Open the already installed app on your mobile device.
  2. If you already have your account, sign in.
  3. If not, click on the sign-up button and register for a new account today.
  4. With your account on your iPhone, you can explore, make videos, take pictures and upload to get follower and also follow your favorite celebrities and friends.

After following these steps, you can now use the Instagram platform on your iPhone. However, do not have it in mind that the Instagram is for only iPhone user, android users also can access and use Instagram as there is no limit to the devices that is allowed to access Insta gram. But it all depends on the platform you want to use to access the Instagram app. As for desktop devices, the Instagram app cannot be installed. Therefore, visit the Instagram website to access Instagram. What are you waiting for? Use/install Insta gram for iPhone and start your exploration today.

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