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Most websites on the internet are designed for movies and then only just a few have cartoons in store. But there is a website which has especially been designed for cartoons only. Therefore, if you are a lover of cartoons, the Kim cartoons website is available for you with different kinds of cartoons for both kids and adults. Kimcartoon is a free cartoon streaming and downloading website where you can find different kinds of cartoons to watch. The Kim cartoons website offers cartoons for streaming and downloading in high quality and also offers direct links to download a cartoon for free.

Kimcartoon - Watch Cartoons Online in High Quality | Kim Cartoons

On the contrary, the Kimcartoon website is not a safe website for streaming and downloading cartoons. Although it has lots of amazing features to accessing cartoons that include top American cartoons. But due to the fact that the Kimcartoon website is illegal as it uploads contents without a copyright license. The official website was shut download with no intention of returning back to the internet. But a lot of developers have started introducing a similar Kimcartoon website to continue watching cartoons. The sites have many domains to their name where you can continue watching and downloading Kimcartoon cartoons. Currently, serves as the new website to watch cartoons online in high quality

Kimcartoon Categories

The Kimcartoon has a lot of cartoons to offer to its website users and all these cartoons have been grouped in different categories. However, these categories so far have been one of the easiest ways to locate and find cartoons to stream or download on the Kim cartoons website. these categories include;

  • Alphabetical order
  • Top week
  • Top day
  • Cartoon list
  • Top month

The above categories, when clicked on provides you with different cartoons under the aspect of the category you clicked on. However, you can begin your streaming on the Kimcartoon website by clicking on any of the categories to select a cartoon.

How to Stream

To stream on the Kim cartoons website is free. You don’t have to register nor pay to stream. Though, the streaming process is so easy and can be self-taught. But if you are a new user and then finding it difficult to stream on the website. Here are steps you should follow to successfully process your streaming on the Kim cartoons website;

  1. Visit the Kim cartoons website @
  2. Locate the cartoon you want to stream
  3. Click on the cartoon
  4. Scroll down and click on the cartoon link which beside it the date added was written
  5. Click on the play button to begin streaming.

You can stream cartoons both before or after sign up. Also, the website offers you different streaming links which represent different qualities to watch. if you’re having a problem with a particular link you can try using another one to stream cartoons.

Kimcartoon Download

To process download on the Kim cartoons website, a sign-up/login is required. After you have logged in if you already have an account with Kimcartoon, you can proceed to download any cartoons on the Kimcartoon website. But if you do not have an account with Kimcartoon, a sign-up is required before you can download.

Sign up

  1. On the website homepage, click on the register link
  2. Enter your personal information which consists of username and email (ensure not to use Hotmail email)
  3. Enter your password
  4. Confirm your password
  5. Some characters would be displayed, retype them in the “please type those characters” box
  6. Click the register button


  1. After your sign up is complete, you would be asked to click to login
  2. On the login page, enter your username
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click “remember me” if you want to save your details on the device
  5. Click on the login button

Keep in mind if trying to process the cartoon download by trying to locate the download links and then it is not available, it implies that the download links on the Kimcartoon website have been removed. Therefore, you can stream the cartoon or visit other alternatives of the Kimcartoon to process download. These alternatives include KissAnime, CartoonExtra, CartooonCrazy, and more.

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