Media Player Classic – Download Media Player Classic Free

There are a lot of media players for Microsoft Windows, but all of them don’t have the same features. Why don’t you try out one that would give you the features that other media players don’t give? I hereby recommend to you an amazing media player classic, especially for your Microsoft windows. As the name implies, media player classic is a classic player with very high quality. The media player classic is also known as 321 players. So, therefore, you can search it out as 321 players if you do not want to search it out by the name.

Media Player Classic - Download Media Player Classic Free

Furthermore, you can download mpc on your pc and desktop. Although, the download process is not difficult. So therefore, you can read further to know more about this media player and what it offers. The name being a little bit confusing because of the digits, you might search it out as 123 media player classic to download, but it still brings the same results. However, there is also the media player classic black edition which runs on windows 10 in s-mode.

Features of MPC Classic

There are so many features of this media player. Even just be the name you can discover many features without even accessing the media player. One of the features is that it can be searched out by different names and still bring the same result. These names include; windows media classic, 123 player download and 321 player. Also, imagine using a media player that makes the atmosphere of your comfort zone like that of a cinema. There are still more features of the medica player classic. These includes;

  • Light in weight
  • All-around player
  • It supports multi language
  • Customizable
  • It allows dozens of formats
  • Option to remove tearing
  • Supports different and most types of subtitles
  • Availability of various pixel shaders.

The above listed are not all of the features of media player classic also known as 321 player. There are still more features to discover and enjoy. Therefore, the only way this can be enjoyed is by downloading the media player classic on your pc or desktop.

Is Media Player Classic Still Functioning?

The answer is YES, it is still functioning but it hasn’t been upgraded since 2017. So therefore, you are only able to download the older version. This is because its active developers decreased till it got down to zero. This implies that the project is officially down and the v1.7.13 which was last updated in 2017 is the last one.

Download MPC

You can however download mpc, but just the version which was last updated in 2017. The download process is very easy. But note that the music player classic can be accessed on your pc and also your mobile. But for mobile it is known as the 321mediaplayer. Also, the media player classic is safe and free of tracking wares. However, you can’t download on the website. So therefore, there is another website whereby you can download the player on your pc. Here are the steps you should follow to download mpc on your pc device;

  1. Visit the source forge website @
  2. Click on the download button
  3. Wait a while for the app to install
  4. Then you can open the app on your Microsoft windows.

After you have downloaded the media player, you can now install the app on your pc device. to be able to use the app on your pc device.

Media Player Classic Alternative

However, there are media player classic alternatives you can also try out if you are finding it difficult to access the media player classic. Some of these alternatives include;

  • VLC media player.
  • Winamp classic.
  • Windows media player.
  • Miro.
  • KM player.
  • MX player.
  • Splash player.
  • M player.
  • SM player.
  • Potplayer.

If you can’t access the media player classic, you can try out these alternatives as they are also a good as the classic player. But before accessing these alternatives, you should first try out the MPC player 32 bit on your pc. The essence of the alternatives is just in case you are finding it difficult to access the media player classic.

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