Metacafe – Video Streaming

Metacafe is known as one of the world’s largest entertainment video sites. Users can share different short amazing videos of various categories ranging from funny clips and clips to game videos, music, movies, sports, and lots more. Metacafe video hosting service has over 40 million monthly viewers worldwide.

Metacafe - Video Streaming

The Metacafe video platform has original, quality, funny, and exclusive video content. This has been the prime secret that attracts its large group of audience. Play and watch lots of short videos for free. Videos and images are uploaded at an interval. Hence there are a lot number of videos and images available to be seen on Metacafe.

What on The Web Platform

The videos on this portal are focused on short clips and are arranged in various sections on an easy-to-use interface. It provides a medium for its users in which they can add variable content such as images and mainly short film video formats. Other users can rate, review, and share it on the Metacafe network via this medium.

Its homepage displays numerous funny videos and other videos selectively laid out under some categories. On the Metacafe platform, the main menus and series of categories are embedded in a menu icon on the top left corner of its homepage. These main menus are on a list view with each key displayed and are as follows.

  • Home.
  • Latest.
  • Popular.
  • Trending.

A quick search bar is designed on the top page to enhance users’ quick search and some sub-menus. these menus are classified beneath the metacafe search box as search filters.  On the top right corner of the page, is the account icon which entails the sign-in sign-up options. Immerse yourself in various activities on this portal by creating an account.

Metacafe Account

This is an open portal that doesn’t require sign-up before getting started. All visitors have access to browse through comments and watch a series of videos and images. Users are not obligated to create an account before watching videos and images on Metacafe, however, a user must register to become a member before he or she can be qualified to submit videos, rate and give reviews on videos, add comments and join the trend in the community.

This web portal layout is neatly arranged and a bit cluttered because it supports Ads but this does not interfere with the video viewing. Users can connect Metacafe to their Facebook accounts and stay connected to Metacafe on their timelines.

It shows contents depicted and isolated using various sorting info i.e. all adult contents are put in its relative category. For instance, general videos are available for all users above 13 years to watch with no restrictions. Some selected pieces can only be viewed by adult users.

Real timelines in videos are displayed so users can preferably select. Meanwhile, when a user searches for content on the search bar. If it is adult-rated content that contains some violence or sexual forms will be unavailable to be played for members below 18 years. The user has to click the adult/18+ category to search for such items.

Metacafe Features

It is easy to browse and view videos on this portal. The platform is just a click away! All you have to do is select a video and press play. It’s that simple and users can use a toolbar at the bottom of the video home screen to skip to the next video for further views.

A member can create his or her own Metacafe video channel where he can post all her uploaded videos and links to videos she likes. Viewers can subscribe to this channel to be notified of any new content uploaded. She can also send messages to the host of the channel, make comments and learn more about the user by reading their profile. The Metacafe feature allows users to download videos directly on this portal for free.

Metacafe Account Sign up

You are requested to create an account to become a member and be able to submit videos, rate videos, comment and have the chance to make money on popular videos you submit. These are the guidelines for creating an account to enjoy the features on Metacafe.

  1. Launch your preferred web browser and enter the URL on the address search bar.
  2. Click on the account icon on the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Select Sign Up or alternatively log in with your Facebook account.
  4. Fill in the details, enter the security code, and click the “Sign Up” box.
  5. Check your mailbox to verify your account by clicking on the sent activation link.
  6. Log in to your Metacafe account by providing your log in details.
  7. Adjust the setting on the profile preferably.

However, to earn on Metacafe, members are required to enter the Producer program. This enables him to add a picture or logo which personalizes all the videos he or she uploads. According to Metacafe, popular videos have 20,000 views in a six-month period and a rating of 3.00 or higher. The user has the chance to enter the Producer Rewards program and earn cash for every 1,000 views. Visit this thrilling portal and get unending fun by watching videos.

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