Mistakes to Avoid In WAEC

Before sitting for your SSCE examination, there are 10 Mistakes that you should look out for. These mistakes should be avoided at all cost and the only way to do that is to be aware of the mistake. WAEC is very important and students cannot afford to make any mistake regarding the exam.

Furthermore, reading for the exam is not enough; there are other simple mistakes that could hinder the performance of your examination. Furthermore, there are students who have the ability to pass their exams with flying colors; however, one simple mistake could hinder this. Learn what these mistakes are and avoid them at all cost if you want to pass your exam with flying colors.

10 Mistakes to Avoid In WAEC

There is more to just taking the WAEC Exam as some of the student who seat for this exam make some mistakes that can lead to poor performace. To come out with a great performance in your WAEC exam, here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid:

Lack of Time Management

managing your time is an important aspect of preparing for your SSCE examinations. When writing the exam, make sure that you try as much as possible not to spend too much time on one question if it is difficult.

Lack of Exam Practice Mistakes to Avoid In WAEC

It is advisable to make use of other previous WAEC exam questions to get familiar with the format of the exam, the type of questions and also time management skills. Doing this will help you develop confidence and to have a better performance in the actual exam.

Carless Mistakes

When writing the exam, you should watch out for spelling errors and also other grammatical errors. Make sure to review your work before you submit them.

Incomplete Answers Mistakes to Avoid In WAEC

This is one of the Mistakes to Avoid In WAEC. Make sure to avoid incomplete answers as much as possible because this could lead to lost marks. In addition, make sure that you answer all the parts of the questions and give clear answers.

Disregarding Keywords

Candidates should always pay a close attention to the exam question and how the keywords expect them to answers the question. Keywords such as explain, describe and compare are often used in exam questions and candidates should be careful of them because they will guide you on how to answer the question.

Disregarding Exam Instruction

Candidates should read and know the exam questions better before they attempt the questions given. They should pay attention to the format and word limit as well as any other relevant instructions assigned for each questions.

Not enough revision

Proper revision before the exam is very important. Candidates should avoid having to revise last minute. They should try to cover all the topics, organize a schedule and revise daily to make sure that they are ready for the exam.

Exam anxiety

It is normal for students to get anxiety before the exam; however this can also hinder the performance of the exam. Candidates should avoid having any panic attacks before the exam by staying calm and also practicing some relaxation techniques.

Excess Writing

Candidates should have a very neat handwriting so that their answers will be easy to read. In addition, they should stay clear from overwriting to avoid making the answer difficult to grasp.

Guessing Blindly

Students should avoid guessing when answering the question. This is one of the Mistakes to Avoid In WAEC If you aren’t too sure of the question, you can try out other options.

The above mentioned are some of the mistakes that you should avoid during your WAEC examination. If you want to pass your exams with flying colors make sure that you prepare well for the exam and learn how to answer the exam question as requested.

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