New Year Resolution – 40 Best New Year’s Resolution Ideas 2022

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The year is about to come to an end and am sure we are excited about 2022 and what it holds for us. It is very important that you start the New Year with your New Year resolution. New Year goals are meant to be guides on how we want our 2022 to be. And it is funny how people make New Year’s resolutions and never stick to them. Losing weight, quitting social media, stop smoking and drinking are all good goals but don’t set goals without sticking to them. There are varieties of New Year resolutions you can stick to.

New Year Resolution - 40 Best New Year's Resolution Ideas 2022
New Year Resolution – 40 Best New Year’s Resolution Ideas 2022

Making a resolution and keeping to it is very easy. All you need is determination and discipline. This very helps you get rid of any temptation coming your way. Most times New Year resolution 2022 can be difficult to keep because you will have to put an end to old habits. But it is the best way to start afresh.

How to make and keep a New Year resolution

Have you been making New Year resolutions for a while now and you haven’t been able to achieve it. Not to worry this year is going to be different. Follow these steps to identify the right resolution to improve your life. Create your plan to achieve your goals.

  • Be specific: your resolution should be very clear and achievable.
  • Achievable: Ensure that your goals are something you can achieve.
  • Relevance: make sure it is a goal that really matters to you.
  • Time bound: the time frame towards achieving your goal should be achievable.

The reason why most resolution fails is that it is based on what someone or society feels. It could also be because your goals are too vague. And most times it is because you don’t have a realistic plan for achieving your resolution.

40 New Year’s resolution to try out for 2022

In case you are confused about the type of good New Year’s resolutions to set. Just pick any of the following below.

  • Work out to feel good, not to be thinner.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Stop drinking to stupor.
  • Stop gossiping about people.
  • Give people compliments at least once a day.
  • Be kind to everyone.
  • Go someplace you have never been before.
  • Visit new places.
  • Read a book a month.
  • Drink more water often.
  • Take notes of things you are grateful for.
  • Don’t overspend.
  • Learn to save.
  • Don’t buy unnecessary things.
  • Clean out your car.
  • Check up on your friends and family more often.
  • Visit a dentist when you are supposed to.
  • Be kind on social media, do not troll people.
  • Don’t keep grudges.
  • Pick a new hobby.
  • Travel out without posting it on social media.
  • Keep your private life private.
  • Keep your house clean and healthy.
  • Start cooking more often.
  • Give out things you don’t need.
  • Avoid people who complain a lot.
  • Remove negativity or anything that brings you bad vibes.
  • Make your bed every morning.
  • Spread love.
  • Pray more often.
  • Learn a trade.
  • Go to bed happy each night.
  • Talk less, listen more.
  • Pay attention to little things around you.
  • Stop bullying.
  • Don’t use abusive words on people.
  • Don’t tell a lie.
  • Don’t come home late at late.
  • Always apologize when you do something wrong.
  • Learn not to give excuses.

People who write down their new year’s resolutions are more likely to achieve them. Whatever you intend to do these coming years 2022 just write them down. I hope this article was helpful.