PayPal Buyer Protection – What is PayPal Buyer Protection | PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection

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Over the years, several people have experienced different fraud first hand, especially in money transactions. Since PayPal happens to be one of the top companies that deal on money transfer, there are chances that you could be scammed. This leads to the topic PayPal Buyer Protection.

PayPal Buyer Protection - What is PayPal Buyer Protection | PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection

Making sure your financial information is safe, very important, especially when buying online. It does not matter if it is an e-commerce, sending money or purchasing items with credit or debit cards online, you need to be secure, and PayPal would deliver just that.

PayPal Secures Buyers

There are several means through PayPal proves to buyers that their details and transactions are safe. And below I would be listing them for you.

Financial information: With PayPal, some of your financial information are kept from your sellers, to keep you secure.

24/7 Monitoring: all transactions that are carried out on PayPal are monitored. At least you should be at peace with yourself when using PayPal.

Secure technology: PayPal’s encryption helps to keep your transactions guarded against the beginning to the final transaction made. This give users the confidence of buying with all confidence using Paypal.

Fraud Prevention: PayPal enables users to contact them if they suspect any fraudulent act going on in their account. This helps to protect users from fraudulent charges against their accounts.

Dispute resolution: if problems arise from any transaction, PayPal places the fund on hold till all the issues resolved. They make sure to involve with the case and investigate all the way.

Purchase protection around the globe: PayPal carry out a transaction with 25 different currencies, in over 200 markets, and this makes spending, sending and selling easy and secure for the user.

PayPal Buyer Protection

You may qualify for purchase protection if you ordered an item, and you did not receive the item you ordered. Or the item is totally different from what you ordered. You would be refunded whatsoever price you spent on the item. And it includes shipping costs, subject to terms and limitations.

If by any chance you get charge for a transaction you never made, let PayPal know within 60 days. And once you do that, your worry would be over. Another thing is that, any unauthorized transaction problem reported within 60 days from the transaction date, investigation concerning the transaction would commence immediately.