PayPal For Nonprofits – How do I Use PayPal for Charitable Donations

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PayPal being a company that makes online transactions better for everyone is one of the leading payment processors available. The question here is, is it the best for nonprofits searching to collect donations made online? Well, organizations that wish to make use of PayPal will have to settle for a giving process that is kind of complicated, a withdrawal amount restriction and minimal checkout page design. Well, I guess that answers some part of the question. And, as we go down the page, we will discover more amazing reasons why you should make use of PayPal For Nonprofits.

PayPal For Non-Profit - How do I Use PayPal for Charitable Donations

There are better donation tools available, and geared specifically for the purpose of non-profits. These tools are amazing and will help you with everyday transactions. These tools also understand the fact that everyday credit card transactions are not exactly the same as donating to nonprofit. With that, they created amazing features like donation buttons that make the giving process much better and gratifying.

PayPal For Nonprofits Tool Alternatives

If you are considering PayPal as your donation tool, then you need to also consider PayPal’s alternatives before you finally decide, they are:

  • Qgiv: for all organizations
  • Fundly: for small-medium organizations
  • Edco: schools
  • GiveSendGo: churches
  • Indiegogo: creative causes.

Outstanding Features – PayPal For Nonprofits

The software is a really good feature that helps with the whole host of useful and amazing features. These features boost your nonprofits, fundraising and maintain a constant presence online.

Qgiv Offers

Fully customizable donation forms

In other to maintain a consistent brand it is essential to build awareness and establishing a firm trust with the donors. With the aid of this tool, nonprofits can include their logo, update their color scheme, and even do much more to match their brand.

Mobile-responsive pages  

Qgiv makes your donation pages easily accessible on any device y anyone. With that, donors don’t have to go through many processes just to fill out your donation form.

Suggested gift amounts, recurring gifts, and fundraising thermometers

Nonprofits get to set up donation amounts and recurring gifts to aid in a fast donation process. And with that, you would you should know why to make use of PayPal For Nonprofits transactions.