PayPal’s Pay In 4 – How To Make Payments With PayPal’s Pay in 4

PayPal’s Pay in 4 is an improved payment option for PayPal users which allows them to divide their purchases at online stores into four payments. You will need to pay a down payment at the time of the purchase and one payment every two weeks for the next six weeks. It is a loan created and issued by PayPal which allows you to make your purchases with a down payment and pay the outstanding amount over a period of time.

PayPal's Pay In 4 - How To Make Payments With PayPal's Pay in 4

This feature is an excellent feature that has never made large purchases easier. To be able to use PayPal’s Pay in 4 features, you need to be a PayPal user. As a new user, all you need to do is to sign up to PayPal and start using the feature for free. You can also make use of the feature on any online PayPal supporting store.  The use of this option does not affect your credit score however, it runs a soft check on your credit.

How does PayPal’s in 4 work?

To be able to use the PayPal in 4 option, you need to be a PayPal active user and the online stores of your purchase must support PayPal Payments. Some of the online stores which support PayPal Pay in 4 are Bed Bath, Best Buy, Target, and many more. When you want to make your payment, you need to select PayPal and choose the Pay Later option. This will allow you to select the Pay in 4 ways of payment. A link will be provided for you to agree to. Submit your application. You will also get an email from PayPal which carries the details of your payment plan once your purchase is complete.

When you want to check out, PayPal will approve of your decision in seconds automatically and then you can complete your purchase. To be able to complete your purchase, you will need to pay the first payment as a down payment. The remaining purchase amount will be divided into three interest-free payments. Each of these payments will be due every two weeks. You can make and also manage your payments through the PayPal app or through its website online. The purchase amounts are also interest-free.

Is PayPal’s Pay in 4 free?

Yes, PayPal’s Pay in 4 is free and the purchase amounts are also interest-free. However, if you default or default or you are late for a payment, PayPal might charge you. This is also depending on your state of residence.

How do I know if I am eligible for PayPal’s Pay in 4 option?

To know if you are eligible for PayPal’s Pay in 4 option, you need to be at least 18 years of age, your PayPal account must be open and active. However, the option is available for people within the state where this service is available. There are also purchase amount limits attached to PayPal’s Pay in 4 option. You can only use this option to make purchases within $30 to $1500.

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