Poco Watch – Poco x3 Smartwatch Specification

What is Poco watch? Am sure a lot of you will be confused right now and you will be looking for answers. Well you don’t have to be because you are in the right place. We will tell you all you need to know what Poco watch now. Poco watch is a new affordable smart watch that offers amazing features for a reasonable price. This watch is not your regular smart watch as it offers the best features.

Poco Watch - Poco x3 Smartwatch Specification

Poco smart watch comes in reasonable price and it is very affordable. Am sure most of you are fan of smart watches so why not try out Poco x3 smart watch. This square smartwatch is aimed at the budget end of the market. So it is not in any competition with Apple watch series 7 or Samsung Galaxy watches.

However, Poco x3 watch comes in different colors, it comes in blue, black and ivory case colors. Also, it does offer two additional strap color option although getting these straps isn’t going to easy. The smart watch has a really good quality AMOLED and you can hardly find one that is this affordable.

How Much Does Smart Watch Poco Cost

The price of Poco watch is really not at the higher side, in fact it is less expensive than any other smart watch. The price of this smartwatch is around $83.33 or 79Euro. The smart watch is an interesting one has it offers a lot of value for your money with all of the features that it has.

Poco x3 Smartwatch Specification

For those of you who want to know the quick rundown of the Poco watch specifications. They are listed below.

  • Apollo 3.5 CPU
  • SpO2 ( Blood Oxygen) Monitor
  • Dust proof
  • Heart rate Monitor
  • Pedometer, sleep Monitor, Calorie Count, Step Count
  • Water Resistant, 50m
  • Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, NFC
  • 1.6 in AMOLED Touch Display

The important thing to note about this smart watch is that it comes with an AMOLED display instead of the LCD. This ensures good viewing angles and it allows for Always-on Display.

Poco Band Watch Features

Poco watch has a lot of features and this is way it is different from other smart watches. So, before you start hoping to use the Poco watch as a smartwatch than you should know its features.

  • It has a Mi fitness app which I available in iOS and Android, to enable notifications and receiving notifications from particular apps.
  • You can turn on incoming alerts and also access music controls
  • It has a weather forecast and music controls that are well optimized to be displayed
  • You can also use the watch as a smartphone camera shutter
  • You can set up default of custom timers and alarms

However, it is software that is easy to operate as well; you don’t even need anyone to assist you. Also, the watch has been made for fitness and it promises to monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen data.

Does Poco x3 Watch Have a Good Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, pock watch is the best choice but it depends on whether you go all in on features or you scale things back. The smartwatch has 225mAh battery capacity and it can last for up to 14 days in typical usage mode. The typical usage means doing things like monitoring your heart rate at every 30 minutes interval or measuring your blood oxygen twice a day.